Radioiodine isolation

Hello everyone!,

I was diagnosed with papillary thyroid carcinoma and I had a thyroidectomy last February and last week I had Radioiodine Therapy (30mCi), stayed one day at the hospital and then I went to an an isolated cabin for a couple weeks (Still here). My wife is 20 weeks pregnant so I want to be extra careful so I bought a device to measure radiation level ( and according to the included guide my radiation levels after 7 days are still dangerous and my isolation is supposed to end next Friday so I was wondering how long should I expect to continue to produce that sort of radiation? Anyone has also measure this?

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  • There is a initial suggested timeline in this reference, not exactly what I was lookign for but it's a start:

  • Day 10 and my radiation level at 46cm (18 inches) from my neck is 1,30 µSv/h, according to the manual:

    - 1.25 Real risk of cancer if exposed for a year

    - 4.17 Real risk of cancer if exposed for 90 days

    So with this value I guess I am something in between, still wondering when would it be safe to go home...

  • I was under the impression that, whilst body emissions are important, the more dangerous issue is in waste - hence things like double-flush of toilets, and washing clothes, bathing facilities, etc.

    Mind, that is only from memory!

  • Thank you, I just wonder apart from the waste, after that first phase, if still being a moving radiation emitter could be harmful for anybody else and in what circumstances and levels.

  • I'd really like to help but have absolutely no knowledge beyond what is readily available online.

    You just might find something relevant here:

    (Try playing with the search terms.)

    You deserve commendation for your consideration towards those around you.

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