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New formulation levothyroxine, for a few days and feeling bad, have changed them back..... Now been put on liquid fluoxetine 10ml

I was given New formulation thyroxine, only took it for a few days, but just before that i was also put on Fluoxetine liquid 10ml, as I am suffering depression anxiety and OCD, I now feel in a bad way, not sure whether it was the New Formulation, or just starting the fluoxetine.... I have now changed today back to my original brand of thyroxine.... how long does new formulation to get out of your system....... I am so desperate the way I feel right now... I live on my own, as my husband passed 4 years ago, and it started with late bereavement, but now it has got out of hand.... lost my appetite lost a lot of weight ...I have 2 kids that are so worried about me.... can anyone help me please... Hilary

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Was the new Levo that upset you Teva by any chance? Lots on here have had issues with Teva. If it was suggest you put a yellow card in


Do you have your blood test results from before changing to new brand?

Anxiety, depression and OCD can all be linked to under medicated thyroid, or low vitamins

Have you got vitamin D, folate, B12 and ferritin blood test results too?

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