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T3 only therapy

I ve been doing T3 only theraphy since 2005 (I'm very T4 intolerant). Mostly self dosing but here and there getting occasional doctor support. It wasnt until 2015 that my ft4 dropped below norm- 0.18 (0.8-1.8). Now doctor support is proving even more difficult. Since i have multi heath issues dosing by temp or pulse isn't usefull. So at the very least i need a doc to test my blood.

My current doc is the most progressive ive seen here in Germany but now he's whimpping out about my ft4 values.

So does anybody know of some solid research I could send to him to support that low ft4 is normal in T3 only treatment?

I'm so busy fighting doctors regarding my other health issues for once it would be nice to have someone i could trust.

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Your T4 result appears to be a TOTAL T4 rather than the FREE T4. Maybe the FT4 test would be more useful. Do you have a FT3 result - which is the most important and meaningful test when taking T3 only. Sorry I do not have research to help you - but others will be along soon with their knowledge.

You could always self medicate if your Doc refuses to be supportive. Many of us do :-)


So I double checked- the numbers are for ft4. My last blood test was not planned so I already took my t3 med that day so my ft3 is super high- 12.7 (2.3 -4.2).

I have self dosed but, for example, I have many digestive issues and food allergies/intolerances and severe anemia, all of which can raise my pulse considerably and impact my symptoms so I'm completely dependant on blood values to adjust my dose.


OK - was not familiar with the German FT4 range :-) There are companies in the UK that do Home Testing Kits - perhaps they have sister companies in Germany.


I think Genova do ....


Home testing - that's a great idea. I will certainly check around however experience has taught me German docs don't relinquish there power or control easily, home testing falls under that threat🤔 However my fingers are crossed.

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Same in the UK - but from reading the Forum it seems the Docs are then embarrassed and do their own test to include the very one you need - the FT3 :-)


By definition if you are taking only T3 then if the thyroid wasn't working at all, the FT4 would be zero as the thyroid is the only source of T4. Obviously you have a little bit of working thyroid otherwise there would be no measurable T4 at all.


Yeah, that makes sense. I'm also looking for documentation showing a below normal ft4 is normal with t3 only therapy.

Also curious what role iron has on ft4 levels in t3 only therapy if anybody knows.


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