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EU moves to restrict hormone-disrupting chemical found in plastics

EU moves to restrict hormone-disrupting chemical found in plastics

Green groups welcome ‘historic’ ruling recognising that bisphenol A (BPA), found in TVs, plastic water bottles and kettles, poses a threat to human heath

More in article and, as always, comments:

We can hope that any new EU rules on endocrine disruptors remain at least as a minimum level to achieve in the UK even into the future.

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BPA is nasty stuff. Beyond nasty tbh.

They have done tests with mice where mommy mice was altered to BPA during pregnancy. First generation was born with bigger fat cells, second generation bigger and more fat cells, third generation was born fat, and fourth with fatty liver.

Only first generation was altered to BPA in the womb, otherwise they were raised in clean environment with healthy diet.

BPA has been forbid to use in pacifiers and toys for babies, but it ain't enough. So BPA should be forbid altogether and I hope it happens.

But the stuff that has been us as replacement might not be much better.

Any women planning on pregnancy should stay away from plastic shower curtains, new cars, plastic containers etc.

Easier said than done :(


About time! I avoid plastic water bottles.


The problem is that as soon as one EDC is banned they invent another and it takes 20 years to discover the harmful effects. Unfortunately researchers in this field cannot get funding and UK toxicologists were decimated with cuts about 10 years ago. Good that they are responding although I'm not sure BPA are as harmful as other chemicals.


There has been some research into producing "screening" procedures that, if successful, should make it easier and quicker to identify substances with endocrine disruption potential. Final proof might take much more work, but initial suspicions could be raised quite speedily.

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The WHO and UNEP have called for urgent action, see . However, the bodies that do this research, toxicologists and environmental scientists (not the eco nutters) are very poorly funded.

There's also a big lack of common sense, we're having a small extension built and have to put in loads of potentially toxic (and flammable) insulation to meet EU regulations, even though we always keep bedroom windows open.

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I'm really sick and tired of all the plastic everywhere. No matter what any of the environmentally focused groups are saying, everywhere it's plastic. Water bottles are so stupid it's unbelievable. What did we do before it was possible to walk around with water in plastic bottles? What's going on? It reminds me of babies carrying around their bottles of milk/formula. People hold onto these damn things like they are a form of 'security blankets'.

Recently i had to buy a cordless drill. All the bits and pieces for screw driver and drills were in those heat sealed hard plastic containers that needed to be cut open to get at what was inside. Sickening.

Bottom line: most people don't give a damn. It's not just the plastic.


Sadly, you are so right! I've been following projects that highlight the amount of this toxic, plastic waste which is filling the oceans and killing our precious wildlife. They are desperately trying to clean it up, but sadly the wasters seem to outnumber the cleaners...

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