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Endo enquiry

Re enquiring if endo supplies ndt I've had no success at their receptions as whether the endo does supply n d t or not (I have enquired at six ) the receptions will not touch on the subject, hence I feel it's fair question to ask for private message advice on this for Cheshire, Manchester area, with respect I've followed suit from another member so please may you explain why I'm not allowed this request ?

I got the list from Louise as previously advised,

Thanks in advance


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Hey, you can look up what the case is in your local area - it will look a bit like this:


As you can see the only mention of ndt is armour and this is red and non-formulary. Even if endo prescribes, ongoing prescription can only be given by them and they probably don't want to see you every three months purely to give prescription as they don't normally do this. I think in some areas, they might also have to send some form off to request permission to prescribe anything non-formulary and only if they can give a clear clinical reason although don't quote me on that lol.


Thanks so much for reply, il get a new set of bloods soon, little else to do

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