Test results TSH 2.06 T4 10.6

I will try to be brief.

I went to see my doctor back in August 2016 because I had various symptoms, extreme tiredness, feeling cold, unable to exercise, palpitations etc but my main concern was that I had lost a lot of body hair including my eyebrows and under arm hair.

Since then I have noticed that my pubic hair is sparse too.

The doctor immediately said that I had an underactive thyroid and sent me for a blood test but the result came back normal which she was very surprised about.

These are the results that I have received over the last year but I am told that they're normal even though my most recent ones have changed.

Can anyone give me their opinion on this please. Should I push for treatment or are these results still enough within range to be normal.

August 2016

TSH level 1.65 miu/L [0.35 - 5.5]

free T4 level 13.5 pmol/L [10 - 19.8]

December 2016

TSH level 1.66 mU/L [0.35 - 5.5]

free T4 level 10.3 pmol/L [10.0 - 19.8]

June 2017

TSH level 2.06 mU/L [0.35 - 5.5]

Serum free T4 level 10.6 pmol/L [10.0 - 19.8]


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  • Low everything (Ft4 and TSH - and Ft3) means secondary/central hypothyrodism - the thyroid is fine but the pituitary, which is where TSH is produced, isn't telling the thyroid to produce hormones because it, or the hypothalamus (the previosu step in the chain) is not working correctly. GPs are not trained to recognise it or treat it, and I would mention it to your GP and ask for an endo referral (pref to one on the list you can get from louise.roberts@thyroiduk.org.uk)

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