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Hi there, I've just found this group as I really could do with some help.

I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism 9 years ago. During pregnancy with my 2nd daughter 3 years ago the Thyroid went crazy and I was on 250mg Levothyroxine a day. I've gradually taken it down and I'm on 125mg now.

Im having terrible ups and downs, angry and sad... I just can't cope with this at all. I have an incredibly supportive husband but I'm worried It's affecting my marriage. I have lost my libido too.

I force myself to exercise to try to help & I eat quite healthily.

Life was better on a high dose but blood tests tell me this is the right level. I'm also on anti depressants to try to help the lows and Ive taken loestron contraception since July last year to try to deal with horrific periods.

My periods are now either every other month or currently I'm on my 3rd one this month!

I feel desperate, exhausted, up & down, tearful, unreasonable, angry...

Any ideas what I can do???

Thank you in advance!

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First thing to do is get print-outs of your results - especially the last test you had. You need to know exactly what was tested, and exactly what the results were. It sounds to me like you're under-medicated. Post your results on here, with the ranges, and we'll be able to advice you better.

Secondly, I would give up the exercise, if I were you. If your FT3 is low, exercise is going to make you feel worse, not better, because it uses up your T3, and it's low T3 that causes symptoms - symptoms like weight-gain, but exercise isn't going to make you lose weight. You'll probably feel much better if you stop forcing yourself!

Thanks for this, I just got my results printed from the doc. Luckily had them retested last week...





To be honest it just confuses me. I take 150mg Levothyroxine. Im told to drop 25mg now but already feel so awful having dropped 25mg 6 months ago.

Can anyone help with something else I might be able to take to help...T3?


I'm sorry, but as I said, we need the ranges. The numbers on their own mean nothing.

However, it does look like your doctor knows very little about thyroid, and is just dosing by the TSH - which is a great way to keep your patient sick! Your TSH is very low, and that frightens doctors, because they are not well enough educated on the subject. But, it really isn't a problem, so refuse to lower your dose. I doubt your FT4 (thyroid hormone) is over-range. And, as he hasn't tested the FT3, he really has no idea if you're over-medicated. Any chance of seeing a more educated doctor? This one is going to keep you sick.

Would you be able to get your own private labs done, so that you get a more comprehensive list of results? If you want to have a look at prices, details are on the Thyroid UK main page.

What you need is :






vit D

vit B12



That will give a better idea of where the problems lie.

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