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T3 tablets compared to capsules

Does anyone know if there is likely to be a difference between T3 tablets and capsules. Up until now I have received T3 tablets from the hospital pharmacy which have been sent directly to my doctor's for me to collect but for some reason I was sent a prescription this time. I was unable to get hold of my consultant as she is on holiday so I ordered the T3 from a local pharmacy and collected it today. They have given me capsules and I am a bit concerned that they may not be the same as the tablets I am used to from the hospital. Has anyone ever had both? They are 10 mcg capsules.

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If I were you I would double check with the pharmacy. Explain you have never taken a T3 capsule and ask what is the difference.


Has your dose changed? Or did you used to get 20 microgram tablets and split them? Or 5 microgram tablets and take two of them?

So far as I know, there are no 10 microgram tablets in the world. We have, very occasionally, seen mention of 10 microgram capsules. They will have been specially prepared by a "specials" company. Indeed, that will be why they are capsules (which can easily be filled with anything) rather than tablets (which, pretty much, have to be produced on an industrial scale).

So long as they have been carefully prepared, they should contain the same active ingredient. Any differences should be very minor. If you have any tablets left, swap now (don't wait until you run out of tablets) - then, if there is a problem, you have the possibility of reverting to your tablets.

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Thanks. I'm actually on 40mcg but there was a mix up with the prescription which said 10 mcg twice daily! The pharmacy have therefore supplied 10 mcg capsules. I managed to get hold of my consultant's secretary today so am awaiting a call from the consultant tomorrow to ask if it's ok to take 4 of those a day or if there is likely to be a difference. The pharmacist said there shouldn't be a difference but I'm not sure if he convinced me!

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