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Thyroid and Diabetes

Eureka! I knew I had seen a link between thyroid function and diabetes. While sorting out test results for visit to private Endo next week I came across what I knew I had seen that would be useful for GP. I also found another link that might be of interest:


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When diagnosed hypo I was not diabetic.Twelve months later I was diagnosed with Type 2 .Three months after that by cutting out cakes ,biscuits etc I was OK again but clearly needing annual testing.


I really can't cut out anything more as am having a good diet that is gluten free already. Have gone downhill since change to generic Levothyroxine.


I am not entirely gluten free : home made whole meal bread is too tasty. I suppose I am lucky but it seems easy to slip back .Trying to avoid having metformin .

Tried NDT but perhaps increased too fast .I felt very sluggish. Increased Levo yesterday as TSH had risen to over 5 .GP not interested in FT3 or FT4 which are both below half way. I think quadrupling dose of beta blockers over last year is affecting absorption of T4 and/ or conversion to T3.

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Yep, when you read the article you posted the link to, there are pointers as to why that might be.

"Instead, recommends Rph Suzy Cohen at the on-going Diabetes Summit 2016, the right tests to ask for include reverse T3, which numbers should be less than 15 or 150, Ferritin 9 (a form of iron) of 70 to 90, Thyroid Peroxidase Antibody (TPO) antibodies (which, if high can indicate that the cause of thyroid disease is an autoimmune disorder such as Hashimoto’s) and basal body temperature, which should be greater than 97.8 upon waking up."

Do you do your morning temp? Mine was constantly around 35.9 degrees until I ditched levo and started taking NDT and now T3 and Levo. My Ferritin was chronically low for donkeys years and my GP's ignored it. After 6 weeks on gluten free diet my B12 shot up to a level where it has never been near and I was not supplementing. Blood tests did not pick up an issue with gluten so I just have a sensitivity. I also have TPO anti-bodies.

Our GP's cannot deal with these issues, even if they understand it they are powerless to help.

Best of luck.


Hi sue_b , my Reverse T3 is, unfortunately, 20, so much too high. Seeing Endo on Friday, but I expect this will be ignored. Vitamins and Minerals are good towards upper levels of range. My morning temperature is 36.5 rising to 37.00 at night and my FT3 is lower than it used to be when I felt good, so suspect it is all to do with the change of Levothyroxine to generic from Goldshield Eltroxin in 2010. Thanks for your information.


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