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Thyroid and Diabetes

Eureka! I knew I had seen a link between thyroid function and diabetes. While sorting out test results for visit to private Endo next week I came across what I knew I had seen that would be useful for GP. I also found another link that might be of interest:


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When diagnosed hypo I was not diabetic.Twelve months later I was diagnosed with Type 2 .Three months after that by cutting out cakes ,biscuits etc I was OK again but clearly needing annual testing.


I really can't cut out anything more as am having a good diet that is gluten free already. Have gone downhill since change to generic Levothyroxine.


I am not entirely gluten free : home made whole meal bread is too tasty. I suppose I am lucky but it seems easy to slip back .Trying to avoid having metformin .

Tried NDT but perhaps increased too fast .I felt very sluggish. Increased Levo yesterday as TSH had risen to over 5 .GP not interested in FT3 or FT4 which are both below half way. I think quadrupling dose of beta blockers over last year is affecting absorption of T4 and/ or conversion to T3.

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