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Adding thyroxine to t3

Hi been adding 25 MCG of thyroxine to my 40 MCG of t3.So I take 25 MCG thyroxine and 20mcg t3 at 0700,10 MCG t3 at 1200 10 MCG t3 at 1700.I have done this for 5days now,so bad this morning pulse 90 feel everything so haywire inside, feeling bit better at 1200, but still hyperish.Could the thyroxine taken effect so quick ?I will miss my 1200 t3 I think.I am aiming for 50 thyroxine and 20 t3 a day.

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I'm not quite sure what you are attempting.

Due to you splitting doses, is your completely empty when you take it?

If you are aiming for 50mcg T4 and 20mcg T3daily, why don't you just begin doing so otherwise it is confusing.

50 + 20 is equal to around 110mcg levo. Your present dose is around 145mcg levo daily.

I cannot advise on splitting doses as I've never done so whatever variation I've been on. Go to the date on this link December 17, 1997 and the whole article is about T3.

This is an excerpt:

Third, the leaflet on Cytomel pharmacies give patients when they fill their prescriptions states, "POSSIBLE SIDE EFFECTS: NO COMMON SIDE EFFECTS HAVE BEEN REPORTED with proper use of this medication." This information is accuratewhen plain, full-strength, one-time-per-day doses of T3 are used properly, there are no adverse effects. The only adverse effects occur when a patient takes a dosage that for her is excessive.


Hi Shaws,maybe not good at explaining,sorry.IWas on 40mcg t3only a day split into 3doses.Now want to go on to Thyroxine 50 and t3 20 per day.I thought it would be better to add 25thyroxine and let it build up before I reduce 10of t3 .Then reduce by another 10.I thought it took about 2weeks for thyroxine to feel effect,but by how Ifeeltoday I feel it has already had an effect after just 5 days.


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