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Hashimotos and Atrial Fibrillation (AF)


Any insight or links to correlation of hypothyroidism and AF please? (Actually, I was told my thyroid doesn't work at all.) Or change to size of atria/ventricles over the long term? I have taken Levo for 5 years, and two years ago had AF briefly which was corrected by cardioversion. I take bisoprolol and flecainide to maintain heart rate and rhythm, but I am otherwise healthy and fit.

Thank you.

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Both hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism increase vulnerability to developing atrial fibrillation.


I'm interested about the connection with heart troubles and thyroid too.

I'm a fit 27 year old with hashimotos, and last year I started having strange heart rhythms during netball. I was training and playing most days a week. Strangely my heart would flutter and skip not after I was exhausted, but at the very start of games, within the first 10mins, and my heart would cramp and cause pain.

Im still on the wait list to see a cardiologist, but since, ive had to stop netball as I was concerned I would have a cardio event.

Anyone else similar?


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