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Total T3

Hi, my doctor did the blood test. He did a total T3 test, this came back at 1.2 with the lab range 0.9 and 2.7. Test result said normal. Got appointment next week to discuss this with him. Both me and my husband have both said that this level needs to be higher are we right about this? I am lost with it all? And not feeling any better!

Any advice please

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hirsty69 Total T3 doesn't really tell us anything useful, we need FT3 tested.

Were any other tests done?

It's very unusual for total T3 to be done, even FT3. Most GPs will get TSH and possibly FT4 tested, FT3 at the discretion of the lab and generally only done if there's something drastically wrong with TSH and FT4. In 20 years of keeping a spreadsheet of my test results I've never had total T3 tested even by an endo.


Pathology Investigations

Serum T3 level 1.2 nmol/L [0.9 - 2.5]

Pathology Investigations

Serum thyroid peroxidase antibody concentration < 28 iu/mL [< 100.0]

this what my results say, they did the antibodies one as well


That reference range is used by Leeds and Bradford Department of Chemical Pathology & Immunology (maybe others, I don't know), but it is still a pretty useless test, I don't know why they bother.

Was that the only thyroid test done? Do you have any other recent ones?

What you really need to know is where your FT3 lies within it's range. That is the one we talk about on here when we say it should be in the upper part of it's range.

I would be inclined to ask your doctor (is this an endo or GP?) to do the full thyroid panel to give a proper idea of what's going on




And because TPO antibodies are negative, ask for Thyroglobulin antibodies to be tested as well. Some people have negative TPO antibodies but have positive TG antibodies.


Test result

Thyroid function test Report, Normal, No Further Action (Patient Informed)

Coded entry

Serum free T4 level 17.7 pmol/L [10 - 20]

Coded entry

Serum TSH level 0.7 miu/L [0.2 - 4]

Coded entry

Thyroid function test

These were from Mar 17, he did request thyroglobulin but it looks like the nurse did not send a sample. I am currently on 200mcg levo and I also take pregabalin and sertraline which I take an hour after taking levo, also I am 3 different inhalers


So your TSH is good - below 1 where most of us feel best. Your FT4 is good - in the upper third of it's range, where most of us feel best.

BUT we don't know how well you convert T4 to T3 and it's FT3 that will tell us that, not total T3.

Looking at your previous post, you had your thyroid removed and you probably would benefit from combined Levo/T3 treatment, but you need to know your FT3 to know that.

So it's all pointing to getting FT3 tested.

Did you ask for vitamins and minerals to be tested, as suggested? Vit D, B12, folate and ferritin all must be optimal (not just in range) for thyroid hormone to be able to work and good conversion to take place.


Some medications interfere with Levo.


"The selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI) sertraline (ZOLOFT), widely prescribed for depression, has been associated with a decrease in the effect of levothyroxine. Further studies are needed on this, and on any similar effects of other SSRIs."

There doesn't seem to be any reported interactions between pregabalin and Levo but I would leave as long as possible not just an hour between them.

You could also check for interactions with your inhalers and Levo. I use two inhalers and keep my Levo and T3 well away from them, Levo taken early hours of the morning when I get up for the loo, any time between about 2.30 and 6.30am, T3 about 7-8am, inhalers 1-2 hours after T3.


Thanks, because I have pernicious anaemia and on B12 injections every 8 weeks, the practice nurse says that they will not re test this again. But I will ask my GP again about the FT3 test. I just wanna feel normal again. I take my levo at 5.30/6.30am sometimes I don't remember to do the rest until my husband comes home about 10ish. But with having COPD as well, sometimes I do need to do my inhalers before so I can move without wheezing!!! (God, I feel like I am falling apart)


I made a spreadsheet for all mine , when to take them, and ticked them off when I'd taken them. It worked very well until I could remember them all without having to check.


When the GP says 'normal' all it means that the result in within a normal range. It doesn't mean the patient has normal health.

I'm sorry your GP didn't do the right T3 - even though it shows low in range. It should have been a Free T3 and a Free T4 but sometimes the labs wont do them, even if asked as it is thought that a TSH and t4 is fine. I shall give you information about tests. We don't expect to be taking a degree about hypothyroidism but probably would pass as we've to learn so much.

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when correctly treated

TSH should be 1.0 or below even zero

Free t4 and free t3 should both be in balance and near top of their ranges

if on T3 or NDT then TSH will be zero and free t4 low and free t4 near or at top of its range

treat on symotoms not on blood tests should be the mantra


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