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At the start of my journey

At the start of my journey

Hi all - My first post so please bear with me!

I’m a 36 y/o female. The female members of my family all have Hashimoto's. I've had the typical symptoms now for over 6 months. My GP has just done some blood tests but everything came back as needing no action. I've ordered my own test for antibodies just so that i can know for sure what’s going on.

Is there any other vitamin supplements you could recommend to help my symptoms? I’m guessing I need some iron supplements based on the attached results.

Thanks so much in advance – I really admire the community you’ve built up on here.

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looks to me like you may well have Central Hypothyroid bcos your Free t4 is low and your TSH is low ...i suspect your t3 is also low

all my lot were diagnosed with Central hypo with results like yours

most GPs know nothing about this form of hypothyroid and neither do the labs

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Yes would be interesting to know what the FT3 reading would be. B12 is low and doctors also don't realise the ranges are low. If under 500 can lead to nerve damage and the usual advice is to get the level up to around 900. May be ask the PA forum for advice. Folate has room for improvement and also works with B12. I didn't look at other things too closely as on a phone so difficult to read but I didn't spot a Vitamin D reading That also helps the Thyroid a lot and many of us are low if we don't supplement. Ask the doctor to check and if they refuse then City Assays costs around £28. No doubt your doctor wouldn't able to tell you what to do with D results! Reading the experiences of others they haven't a clue and suggest a very low addition which at best is only a low maintenance dose. If deficient you need a large booster dose to get levels up and then a lower one but one that will keep it there so share any results with us for further advice


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