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tightness inside the throat

lately i feel tightness (and its hard to breath) inside my throat and its swollen(betwunder the jaw until thyroid scar)...its been 5 months after tt surgery...i was wodering if anyone has the same feelings as me.

Also i worry that maybe levothyroxine pill doesnt go into my stomach because as soon as i take it i go back to sleep.sorry for my english

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The Levothyroxine will go to your intestine if you take it with water.

You should see your doctor about the swelling and tightness in your throat. It's possible you have a throat infection which is not related to the thyroidectomy.


You should take levothyroxine with one full glass of water and that should do the trick.

I'm sorry you have after-operation symptoms so see your GP and if he thinks it necessary he will arrange for a scan. He will also look at your throat.

What dose of levothyroxine are you now taking? Has the GP increased it at all.

When you have a blood test it should be at the very earliest possible fasting (you can drink water) and allow approx 24 hours between last dose of levo and the test and take afterwards. This helps keep the TSH at its highest as it drops throughout the day and may mean the doctor doesn't adjust levothyroxine unnecessarily.

If you've not had a blood test for a while, make an appointment to have one and also ask for B12, Vit D, iron, ferritin and folate if these haven't been tested.

Always get a print-out of your results with the ranges for your own records and you can post if you have a query.


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