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Practitioner for high cortisol

Good morning. Could someone please pm me with a list of qualified practitioners who might help lower my high cortisol?

I've had ridiculously high saliva cortisol readings from Genova for over a year; though I feel well now on T3. Allegedly, high cortisol will end in another serious adrenal crash and I dread this happening.

There's plenty of advice on cortisol on websites but its conflicting.

I'm taking Seriphos but am not sure this is a lifelong solution.

Thank you!


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Hello, I see that Clutter already gave me details about Dr Alyssa Burns Hill, so I'm being a nuisance asking again! I'm just panicking after my latest saliva cortisol result, sorry.

The figures are:

Sample 1: 17.30 (2.68-9.30)

Sample 2: 4.52 (0.75-2.93)

Sample 3: 32.31 (yes, not a typo!) (0.36-1.88)

Sample 4: 5.38 (<.94)

If anyone has had a consultation with this doctor, is it ok to ask for a pm about it?

I'm taking Seriphos but you can't take it for life. I'm taking vit c of course.

Thank you so much.



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