NHS comes into the 20th Century? - SMS notification of lab results

Yes, I know we're in the 21st!!!

I avoid Doctors like the plague, so maybe this isn't new to you.

I've had a blood test request sat there for months. I went & did it on Thursday. This morning (Saturday), I get a text :


Your pathology results are now available and have been reviewed. Contact your surgery for more information.



Is this standard now?

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Wow, Ive never had that! I'm due to have some bloods done this month, so I'll wait in anticipation!

I would very much like to think so.

Note: The four constituent countries of the UK might handle this differently to each other. I'd like to think that it would work in all four, and even for cross-border tests (e.g. where surgery is in one country but lab in another), but I wouldn't be holding my breath...

Nope - still can't access any test results online. (I'm in London)

Definitely not in my part of Wales. No online access for anything. Surgery doesn't even have a website any more, that was taken down a couple of years ago, and it was purely an information only website. I wonder what century my surgery is in!

In my part of Wales (the middle bit...) my surgery is online, but I can only order repeat prescriptions and make appointments there. There is no access to medical records or bloodtest results. Logging in can be a bit of a performance with having first to find your surgery's code and then logging in. You'd think they'd find some way of the system remembering where your surgery was...

You can get your blood tests online if you have the patient access ,it needs to be activated as it shows some of your medical notes too ,ask at the surgery and they should give you a form to fill out requesting to have access ,and return it they have to turn on the access within a set time (2/3weeks I think) x

That may be the case in England, but it isn't here in Wales...

FYI, I'm in Merseyside. I think our health authority is Knowsley.

I'll call them on Monday & find out if this is standard now, or is it only for dangerously high results. I might not live to Monday 😝


If you were at death's door you would have a phone call to tell you to go to A&E :)

I was joking.


I know!

OK, I contacted the surgery & the reason I received the SMS is that the GP checked my results & requested I make an appointment.

I'm in Wednesday.

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