So fed up with this hypothyroidism

Hi All, I've just had my apt with specialist and he has given me the following letter if any of you can help advise me I would really appreciate this? :)

Symptoms include heavy periods, anxiety, leg aches, headaches, tiredness, hair loss, dry skin and scalp, uncontrollable emotions, sleep issues, easy bruising, fatigue to the extreme, weight gain of 8ibs in just a few weeks. Fluctuated all my life however now doesn't seem to go back down. Weight only rising :~(

Doseage 175mcg

Here goes -

April : - TSH = 12.06mIU/L, free T4 = 14.2 pmol/L, TPO = 349 kU/L

May: - TSH = 0.23 mIU/L, T4 = 20.9 pmol/L, T3 = 4.3 pmol/L, U&E's = normal, eGFR = 90, Vt D = 43.7 nmol/L, IGF1 and GH - pending

Thanks in advance

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Your vitamin D is too low? What were you told to do about it?

The specialist has asked my gp to provide me with vit d (a week ago however they wouldnt give me a doc apt to obtain the medication until tomorrow lunch time :(

That's normal if another medical professional says you need an appointment.

Once you have the vitamin D from your GP can you post a new thread entitled "vitamin D" or something similar, put in your vitamin D test results and state what your GP has given you so you can get advice on whether what your GP has given to you is good enough.

We really need ranges for all that. The results on their own, mean nothing. Sorry.

Oh i see. I will ask my gp for these tomorrow if I can. thanks

TOTALLY CORRECT !!! a baseline is needed in order to see where you are at NOW and then when any kind of meds or vitamins are added, in 3 mos., the blood tests need to be redone... good luck to you!!!


greygoose's reply, to which you have responded, is about having the laboratory's reference ranges for the tests.

It is not about baselines to allow tracking of changes.

Do you have recent:

1. Vitamin B12 test results

2. Folate test results

3. Ferritin and heamoglobin test results?

If so post the result WITH ranges.

no these are all i have at the min

You need these tested and thyroid antibodies if they haven't been done. As some of your symptoms correlate to these being deficient as well as you having a thyroid problem.


May TSH is low-normal, FT4 20.9 is likely to be high in range and FT3 4.3 isn't unduly low. Symptoms can lag behind good biochemistry by several months.

eGFR 90 indicates good kidney function.

VitD 43.7 is insufficient. I recommend supplementing 5,000iu daily and retesting in 3-4 months. VitD should be taken 4 hours away from Levothyroxine.

Thank you. X

The reason we always ask for ranges is that they differ from lab to lab so it's difficult to see how good or bad your reading are.

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