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Adding t4 to t3

HI,have been on t3 only for nearly 3years now,has helped a little.I feel ,though nearly as bad as on t4.Whist on t3 only,having all over pain and brain fog worse,although mood improved .So I would like to try to introduce some t4.I did try 3months of NDT,which made me worse,very hot.Just would like advice of how to introduce t4 again.My aim is to get to 50 t4 and 20t3.I tried t3 only and NDT to serif it was meds making me I'll and appears not.Can being g very overweight make you feel I'll with hashimtos?

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I have been T3 only for over 3 years - currently taking 25 mcg in the morning and the same at night. I have not been able to achieve optimal blood results - possibly due to mal-absorption. At the beginning of May I added 50mcg T4 at night in the hope that I would convert and top up the FT3 level. Too early to test and check.

Starting T4 again at 50mcg could be a step too far for some - 25mcg would be better.

Do you have any test results with ranges - how are your levels of B12 - Folate - Ferritin - VitD ??



You can swap 50mcg Levothyroxine for 20mcg T3.

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Thanks Clutter


susiebow , my sympathy goes out to you . Not feeling well is awful . I would try with more T4 and just a small dose of T3 or NDT . Our brain runs off T4 so does hair , nails , skin . Nutrients are very important too . Vit."D" , B-12 ,Selenium , Iron .You need to run labs first on full Iron panel and Ferritin . Next I would check for adrenal fatigue . Adrenals and thyroid work in unison . Eliminating wheat ,sugar , dairy is very helpful too .

Journaling your symptoms with new changes is very important . For example basal temperature , blood pressure , pulse , weight , skin , moods . constipation etc.

Any new changes need to be held for six weeks since you need to give your body time to acclimate to new changes and it takes about six weeks for T4 to build up in our body too .

Best wishes as you proceed .

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