Hi guys,

Please help me.

Already on t4. I had dental work done with root fillings, crowns and bridges. I've also had cysts in gums and infections. Maybe all my underactive thyroid conditions that are now present are caused by my teeth. I just want them out but there is no one offering even though I have a neurologists ct of lower skull saying there's radio lucency on root of incisor.


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  • More likely your low thyroid is causing all your dental problems.

  • Hi Lindabennie1951 - Have you had your Vitamin D level checked ? Over the last 12-18 months I have had so many issues with my teeth, absesses, extractions, bridges etc. I only foind out in January this year that my Vit D level was only 8 ! ( the lab had been refusing to test me for 18 months as I "didn't meet their criteria". I have subsequently found out that such a low level is the likely cause of my teeth problems. ....just a thought. 😀

  • Another thing to consider might be a gluten free diet. My teeth always hurt a lot and my gums bled all the time and would get infections and so on. I gave up gluten and all the pain went away and my gums haven't bled since. It's too late for most of my teeth as half is fillings and crowns now and my enamel is so poor, they wont even polish them anymore as just rubs the remaining thin enamel leaving exposed tooth which goes brown but the pain has gone completely and have had no further infections or swellings or abscesses or bleeding in the last three years :-)

  • There are recipes online to make your own remineralising toothpaste. Something I keep intending to make. It looks fairly straightforward. Why not give it a go? May help you.

  • Thanks, will take a look into it - willing to try anything I suppose :-)

  • Strange but I went gluten free. 1 year ago. I have had some lapses though when out with friends. I do try and laugh at my symptoms as I'm sure GPS and dentists think I'm mad.

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