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Our own choice

Hi, I'm Annis. I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism around 15 years ago. I have tried Levothyroxine, I did okay on this, I tried natural thyroid with more success but have to buy this myself because my doctor doesn't have authority to prescribe natural, only levothyroxine.

I live in West Cumbria and our water is fluoridated, this isn't good for our health and as we know this is bad news for the thyroid. I call it forced medication.

Our health care should be our choice, it is very frustrating. I'd love to hear from other sufferers especially in my area and links to fluoridated water please.

Thank you.

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Welcome, Annis :)

Where water is artificially fluoridated you can fix this with a reverse osmosis system.

I'm afraid that the all too valid argument for having a choice appears to me to be over :( Even those who have no thyroid are likely, living in the UK if they haven't already had their meds withdrawn, to find themselves on levo or nothing. See under Products which are clinically effective but where more cost-effective products are available. NDT, 'natural' thyroid is not a prescribable medicine in the UK unless on a named patient basis and may yet suffer a similar fate for the brave GPswho continue to prescribe this on nhs prescription. I buy Nature Throid and T3 abroad and suffer a cr*ppy $ rate and post office surcharges and customs levy and have to holiday in Greece. Poor little me, eh?

Even un-fluoridated water has a little natural fluoride in it, in many places, including where I live

So the choice is there, with the caveat you must pay. It is my choice to pay and whilst I realise there are many others who do not have this choice, it serves no purpose for me to be otherwise than a selfish old bag, who might agitate for change and donate to TUK but can't see anything changing anytime soon. But I have got the devil's own black mood today...

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Hi Rapunzel, thank you for your reply.

I did look into reverse osmosis but I don't like the idea of it stripping it of minerals. I am thinking of a water filter, the one which can be fixed under your sink, (fountain filters). I learned of them from a meeting I recently attended Fluoride Free Cumbria.

This group also enlightened me of how high the dosage is in our water, I didn't realise also it is a waste product!

Yes, I also found my natural thyroid expensive, the first lot wasn't, it has doubled in price. I thought I would try T3 supplement, to see if it helps.

Hope the mood is better tomorrow 😊

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If you google Namaste fluoride you should learn just how dangerous fluoride is. Dr B Durrant Peatfield wrote about it.

Jo xx


Thanks Jo

I shall have a look at that.

I'd really like to reach people in areas with fluoridated water, it is amazing how few people understand or are even aware if their water is fluoridated. I believe from the information given at the local meeting I attended our local councils are against it YET nothing has been done to remove it.

There is a interesting documentary called Fluoride: Poison on tap worth watching on you tube also



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