why don't we have a choice! In our treatment for thyroid conditions,how is it that the doctors in the UK think it is ok to prescribe a synthetic hormone, Levothyroxine containing only one of the hormones (T4) from the five a healthy thyroid would produce, T4,T3,T2,T1 and Calcitonin, also how come this same medication is prescribed for a person with low thyroid and for a person with no thyroid due to it being surgically removed on the advice of the medical profession

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  • Because this: british-thyroid-association...

    is what they've been told is the truth. It's not easy for doctors to think outside the box. Those that do often face the threat of being struck off the register.

    For example, like Gordon Skinner...

  • The doctors appear to be ruled by Big Pharma and the budget so we are only offered cheap and cheerful with does work for many but sadly not all

  • Because the endos are in a clique who have vested interests in both levo and in TSH testing and refuse point blank to accept they are wrong

  • Why do they have a vested interest?

  • Inflated Egos and financial interests

  • I dont understand, sorry, what do you mean, financial interests?

    Inflated egos too, dont follow, can you explain more? Thanks!

  • Because they have a vested interest?

  • My endo tried to get me T3 via my GP, but the surgery rang and told me they aren't allowed to prescribe it. A ruling from the CCG, probably based on cost, which is astronomic! MariLiz

  • You can buy your own from another EU country for peanuts. It's that the UK has a very poor purchasing policy.

  • Thank you Angel of the North, I have already received a very helpful reply with other sources of T3 listed. Much appreciate the help I'm finding on here. I found it hard to believe the UK has only one licensed supplier, no competition at all, they can pretty much charge whatever they like! MariLiz

  • I quite agree. I believe there is a Human Rights issue here and I am seriously considering if it is possible to challenge the medical profession from this angle. If only we could get the RIGHT person to back us I am sure we could present a very good case from our personal experiences which are more reliable than all the test results. I question what is NORMAL when it is such a vague description that each of us are forced to accept

  • Yes i agree 100 % .And it should be our Human Right to be able to choose.I think that the only way we are going to get change is to be seen to be heard .

  • I have heard that if you go and see an endocrinologist privately then you can private prescriptions for drugs such as armour etc. I don't know if all the private doctors do this but if you can afford to go and see someone privately then you could look into this.

  • Sometimes you'll find an endo willing to do that, but sadly not often. It tends to work out very expensive that way too, which is why so many of us end up sourcing our own medication.

    T3 - Liothyronine - costs pennies in most European countries but not the UK. That's another "crime" here - that the pharmaceutical companies get away with charging the NHS a fortune for certain medications.

  • I just wondered if anyone else has heard that Davina McCall is doing a show on debilitating diseases, I personally have posted on her fb page about thyroid issues, please would all take a look and maybe,we might get her to speak up for us

  • At one time, Davina herself was taking levothyroxine! Don't know if that was only post partum or if she still does take some form of thyroid hormone.

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