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nail loss

hi I am concerned what is happening to my fingernails they grow to about a quarter way up the nail bed then the ends of the new growth turn a whitish colour, eventually as they grow up they completely come away from the nail bed also as they start to re-grow (which takes months ) they are bumpy and disfigured apart from looking awful the tips of my fingers are sore without having any nails to protect them, I have graves which fluctuates but is under control with carbimazole doctor does not have any answers I am at my wits end as to know what is causing this any help would be appreciated

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Ask your GP to refer you to a dermatologist.


Having graves can affect your nails. (Plummers nail) I'm surprised your doctor doesn't know this.

I agree with the other member. Ask your doctor for a referral.

Good luck


There can be many reasons but thyroid can be one of them so when you get an appointment don't forget to mention yours.


Hi, Sounds like you're possibly under-medicated - Plummer's nails are a symptom of thyrotoxicosis. Please show this to your doctor...


thank you so much for this information it makes interesting reading, my t4 and TSH were in range at my last blood test but I feel so ill just now so I will talk to my Dr. and see what he says ,again thank you for the support


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