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I just spoke to my doctors about my recent blood tests (all results on two recent posts) and my scan results. they say I have a few nodules maybe 3 they weren't specific which are about 1/2cm but also a larger one a cyst at about 2cm they don't plan any interventions or tests saying it's not cancer (which I didn't think it was anyway) but gave no information on how it developed or is likely to develop. I complained of swallowing difficulties and cough but they weren't concerned just said if swallowing difficulties continue or get worse tell them .I queried Subacute granulamatous thyroiditis not sure if it's spelled right. and they said no but agreed that I could have had a virus at the time my symptoms appeared as indicated by slightly raised lymphocyte count of 4.6 10*9/L range 1.50-40010*9/L symptoms were swollen painful neck slight mild flue like symptoms swallowing difficulties relaxing neck difficulties .my neck is still swollen and swallowing is still difficult unless I have my head down towards my chest.

I asked about my low B12 and Ferritin they weren't concerned even though I'm symptomatic symptoms include burning tongue and don't plan to follow up with any tests other than the FBC already arranged .

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They should normally arrange for you to have another full blood count 2-3 months later though some doctors don't bother if you show no continual symptoms.

You can choose to have battle with the NHS to get tested for things or if you can afford it use private testing, then show your NHS doctor the results if something is wrong.

As today is World Thyroid Day both Medichecks and Blue Horizon, private test providers who frequently use NHS labs, are doing discounted thyroid tests. You don't need a doctors referral to get the tests -


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