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Little advice

I just wanted a bit of advice I've been on the new Teva tablet for 20 days now and I'm so tired. I struggling to get up on a morning and end of day I'm falling asleep.

My tsh on the liquid was the following

TSH, 3.24 miu/L (0.38 - 5.5)

Serum T4, 14.9 pmol/L (10.0 - 18.7)

Serum T3, 4.3 pmol/L (3.5 - 6.5)

I know my tsh is not low enough in range on the liquid I'm just wondering is it too early to ask for another blood test as I feel awful.

I was supposed to wait 2 month for my next test to see if my readings improve. It certainly does not feel like it.

Thank you.

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Cheekycharlie1981 Many members who were changed to Teva brand of Levo have had problems and it has made them feel very unwell. I doubt another blood test at this stage would be helpful, I would be asking to come off Teva and go back on the liquid if you were OK on that, or maybe a different brand of tablet.

If it transpires that Teva has caused these problems then fill in a Yellow Card, details should be in the Patient Information Leaflet, if not you will find Yellow Card Scheme details online.

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I don't think it's the Teva I felt ok minus the first week on it when I felt off.

The liquid burnt my stomach so the reason for change and their are no other UK lactose free levothyroxine that I'm aware of.

I do feel under medicated and totally out of it. I was not much energy wise on the liquid so I'm suspecting another drop as the liquid is better absorb by the body than tablets.


Sorry you are feeling so ill. What dose are you taking and why did you change from the liquid? Your TSH should be below 1 and the T3 af T4 towards the top of the range. It takes about 6 weeks for thyroid medication to start working, so it's early days yet. When you have your next tests, book an early morning appointment and don't eat, drink anything but water or take your thyroid meds beforehand.


It's 125mcg on the tablets and was the same 125mcg on liquid. Though before I was on liquid I was on tablets at 150mcg and my results were better.

Gradually just feeling more and more sluggish and I think it's the levothyroxine.


If you felt better on 150mcg, and you say the 'results were better' which isn't necessarily the same thing, maybe you need a higher dose.


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