Thyroid ultrasound

Hi everyone, Today I had a thyroid untrasound (I will having a thyroid scan next week). I was told it the appearance of my thyroid looked normal. No cysts or nodules could be detected, but I have a lump/swelling which causes me problems, and when that particular area was scanned over I started to balk and was almost sick (sorry for the details). The lady who did the scan informed me I had a right sided pyramidal lobe?!?!?! exactly on the spot that causes me problems. Has anybody else been told they have this? and if so can it cause problems? I was told it shouldn't cause me any problems, but that area is causing me problems 😫. I have no idea as to what this means, even though I'm told it shouldn't be a cause for concern I'm just wondering if anyone knows or has any information about this? I've tried researching this but I can't really find anything that enables me to understand it.

Many Thanks

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I'd not heard of it until you posted. It is an extra lobe.

Thanks Clutter. Yeah it's odd isn't it πŸ˜•.

Pyramidal lobes are pretty common - but it seems are usually only significant to a surgeon! :-)

This link is to a fairly complicated paper - but I think 99% can be skipped and it does have pictures! :-)

Thank you so much 😊

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