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Hi all,

I need some help getting a synacthen test done. My specialist gave me the private prescription and I have got the test now but can't seem to get it done without driving 3 hours to my specialists hospital. I told Ipswich NHS hospital does it but the specialist at Ipswich has to take you. But my specialist has to ask him as my specialist is on holiday. So please is there any way I can get it done sooner and preferably Norwich or Ipswich areas. I feel awful and desperately need answers. Thanks

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Hi Locky1971

Sorry, i dont really understand your question to be honest....i have had a short synacthen test done at my local hospital and was monitored and re-tested half an hour later. Are you asking if this can be done at home or are you asking if you can get an earlier appointment somewhere local? What is the private prescription you mention? Have you had your cortisol level tested?

Hi, the prescription was for the Synacthen test which I have got. My specialist wanted me to have it done at their hospital but it's 3 hours drive from where I live. I was told only some hospitals will do the test. The Nuffield at Ipswich doesn't. But to be honest I've never had a synacthen test done before and don't know what it entails. I just wondered if it can be done at my local hospital or will they be odd as it's a private test. I just wondered if anyone has had one done near me the James paget is my nearest hospital. Any info would be good. Thanks

oh, i see. i didnt realise you could get the test on prescription. When i had the short acth test it was done at the hospital where i was monitored before during and after the test and my bloods were checked before and after the injection. Mine was done at the request of the endocrinologist because i had a very low serum cortisol blood test result. I'm not sure whether other hospitals would be able to help. Hopefully someone else might be able to help you. Has your specialist checked your cortisol level? The reason i ask is i was brought in very quickly for the test when mine came back low like within a day or two as it was suspected i might have addisons disease which it turns out i didnt by the way...adrenal fatigue or insufficiency i think. Can your doctor not help you?

I was thinking of ringing my local hospital or Ipswich. My GP wouldn't do it when I asked. I think we may end up having a 3 hour trip in half term or I'll have to wait till my specialist is back from holiday as she can speak to the specialist at Ipswich but he can't help without speaking to my specialist. It's so confusing. My specialist did mention cortisol test too. But I haven't had one done yet unless it's in the Synacthen test along with adrenal test. I'll try ringing my local hospital and go from there. Thanks for your advice.

Hi Lock1971

I am trying to understand why your consultant has given you a prescription for the test without testing your cortisol levels as there is no point in having it done if you dont have low cortisol which your GP could test for you. Wouldnt you be better doing one of the saliva cortisol tests which you can do at home to see if you have high or low cortisol?

I think I'll pop and see my GP this week and see if he'll do the cortisol. I think my specialist wanted to test my adrenals as I've been under a lot of stress. I'd never heard of the Synacthen test before I went. I heard of testing by saliva but that's all I know about it.

I would certainly see if you can get your GP to test your cortisol and if that comes back really low like mine did you will be swiftly referred for the test by your GP. The NHS as far as i'm aware dont do saliva tests so if you want this you will need to fund it yourself.

Thank you for all your help. I'll will do that. Desperate to feel as well as I did 2 years ago.

i know what you mean. Its rotten feeling rubbish. Good luck.

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