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Very Low Cortisol Test Results

Hello Fellow Sufferers,

I have this afternoon received the results of The Regenerist Saliva Cortisol,Test .

All 4 levels have come back extremely low . Virtually at the very bottom of the scale .

I am unsure what this means in relation to the thyroid or what I should do about this .

I have forwarded the results to my Doctor . However she is away till the middle of next

week . I am a bit concerned .

Any thoughts or advice as to what to do next would be appreciated.

Thank you .

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It would be helpful if you printed the results with the ranges as someone who had had a similar experience could chip in. If no luck then I've heard there is a good adrenal group on Facebook for looking at results etc.


The NHS doesn't acknowledge the 24 hour saliva test, so if you want to treat for it you will have to self medicate. But yes, post the results and you will get advice. Probably a new post as if you put it in this one it won't get seen.


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