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Bloods / thyroid diagnosis ?

I got my blood results yesterday never asked for a print out but she said everything is fine apart from my blood count being really low and my kidney function wasn't right so whole new batch of bloods done again , but when I googled kidney function test symptoms etc, it all points to thyroid problems plus I have all the other symptoms nails hair joint pains just totally feeling crap she said she is referring me to rumatology clinic to see about all my pain . So back on iron along with all my other D3 B12 injections forceval multivitamins and pain killers so still the waiting game I've to go back for next blood results in a week and bring a urine sample with me 😒

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You have to always ask for a print-out of your reslts, with the ranges, so that members can comment upon them.

Never accept 'fine' 'ok' or 'normal' as that can mean they are somewhere within the range when we need either TSH to be below 1 with the hormones being towards the top of the range.

We are entitled by law to have copies for our own records and some charge a nominal sum for paper/ink.

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I know I should of asked her for a print out ,but will get one next week as she was talking about the changes from my previous bloods from December so it's easy enough for her to print it out it's al, confusing to me but I'm sure if I post on here someone will explain it all to me .thanks for your reply cheers .


I know the feeling..find out your blood type..then you can narrow THIS down..

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