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Nightmare Day

What a horrible day Been anaemic since January Ive Rheumatoid Arthritis Autoimmune Hypothyroidism Antibodies++ Endoscopy last month normal just want to build myself up because of bright yellow urine Ive got cystitis and thrush well the bowel prep 2 days of cramp burning up thought l did it But up at 6 early app,hard to tell if l was empty because l was so sore everywhere 😲😷 got thru to the grizzly bit abandoned had faecal fluid so now its gonna get repeated with double laxatives next week Aarg! Tomorrow is my Rheummy review lm terrified coz nothing is controlled my joints are so painful don't want steroids or methotrexate but it might be all thats left.

And why won't they treat my anaemia lm falling down tired I look horrible slightly jaundiced/ white I can hardly walk my feet hurt oh god its so easy to feel defeated.

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Daft thing / me lol ! There's nothing wrong with a good rant and we've all been there.

Could you possibly have a quick look through the recent posts and look for one by JOLLYDOLLY .

Hope you feel better soon 👍


Regarding the bright yellow urine...

Do you take B Complex supplements? They contain vitamin B2, also known as Riboflavin.

Taking Riboflavin gives people bright yellow urine - it can be practically fluorescent sometimes, and it is totally harmless.


When doing clear outs prior to endoscopy, colonoscopy, or flexible sigmoidoscopy, before starting the laxatives put a generous layer of barrier ointment all over the areas of your bum which will be affected. And every time you go put more on. The one I've used is one I bought from Boots called Metanium Barrier Ointment. This is what I bought, and it is obviously available from ASDA as well :

It is also important that you drink loads of water before, during and after the process until you have to stop. Also eat a low residue diet for 2 or 3 days before the clear out.

Hospitals are using the cheapest stuff possible for clearing people out these days and I've found it very slow and not very thorough. The first few times I had to clear myself out they were very effective and thorough. But over the years the procedure and the laxative has changed and it simply doesn't get you as empty as it used to.

It is possible to buy things to help get the process going e.g. Picolax sachets are good, but you can only buy them from pharmacies where the pharmacist is obliging.

Another very effective laxative is Dulcolax Pico Liquid which I've also got from a pharmacy :


If you are certain you are anaemic then you can treat yourself. You can also test yourself privately with finger-prick testing. Some links :

What the NHS prescribes , described here, and follow the links in the sub-sections :

The iron tablets the NHS prescribes can be bought without prescription from pharmacies and online. Some examples :

There are several brands of ferrous bisglycinate available.

What you need to be aware of with any iron supplement is the iron content. For example, ferrous fumarate 210mg has 69mg of pure iron per tablet. You can take 1 tablet, up to 3 times a day. This would give you 207mg of pure iron per day, and people should generally consider that to be the maximum.

To test your iron levels you can get a finger-prick test done privately :

If you supplement iron it is essential to test iron fairly regularly. Too much iron is poisonous.

When you test, post the results and reference ranges into a new post and ask for feedback from the members.

I had to treat and test my own anaemia. I gave up waiting for doctors to care. It took nearly two years for my levels to reach mid-range. But what a huge improvement it made to my strength and health. I've never regretted doing it, and I still take a maintenance dose of iron to maintain my optimal levels when I need to.


Good luck. :)


Gosh you are brilliant Thanks for all that Now l know for the next time l definitely will Considered telling the medical staff today can't I have it done after anaemia sorted but its bit cowardly on my part My anaemia just crept in firstly 10 then during Rheummy review it went to 8 so they thought out rule GI problem because following wk it was 9 gp said stool specimen and no iron because it's difficult to take it might go up meanwhile Rheummy arranged it but I will take your advice Thanks x

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I don't understand why they are not treating your anaemia? Have you not been prescribed a iron supplement? Have your bloods been checked recently for your thyroid? When I was on the wrong dose, I was slightly jaundiced and very tired. My back always hurts, but evidently that is my fault! Can fully sympathise :( :) xx

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Neither do I Jolly! A nurse few wks ago while l had endoscopy said you'll get injections at drs. My colonscopy didn't happen I had fluid (cringe!) Wks ago gp said its gone up to 9 without anything it'll make you ill. Honestly lm losing the will here. Went to Rheumy Thurs. Bloods are 10 oh good l said but lm just confused lm getting literature about starting mxt One minute lm ok its probs time Sulph+ Hydr not working but lm scared tbh l swear lm not dramitizing lf l get worse.... lm tired depressed lifeless l went to ms yesterday parked at door l couldn't get out quick enough my feet+ ankles kill me From the bowel prep lm so sore...thrush!! I need a vet nxt wk gp wants to see me..its just a new chronic illness tests l had then pop back to hospital to get double laxatives for repeat. When does all this crap ever settle down and look how many they are of us we could all write a book Thanks for asking all you people are becoming invaluable to me everybody's so good yet we're all as bad as each other. Xxx Have a good w/e

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