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AF hypothyroid

Relatively newly diagnosed with hypothyroid on 100mcg 4 x week and 75mcg 3 days a week. Had horrible viral illness at time of diagnosis and was found to have Tachycardia. Had stress echo, bp monitor all normal but 2 week cardiac monitor showed a single 7 second episode of AF. I'm now awaiting a cardiac physiologist appt. Cardiologist today said It's not his specialty and referred me, he also said treatment is a grey area some treat aggressively with warfarin some monitor

I'm so stressed by it all. Any one had this?

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Have you managed to do your tests to include the FT3 ? - been reading your previous posts. Heart issues often hand in hand with both low or high thyroid hormones.

How are your iron levels ? - also Ferritin - Folate - B12 - VitD ?

We need good T3 levels for a happy heart - along with optimal levels of the above. I always knew when my next dose of T3 was due as my heart would tell me....

Try not to worry ...

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Thank you, vit d in 80s b12 high end normal and ferritin 62

I'll get Gp to arrange blood tests this week.

Such a worry! I felt ok until I got to hospital then heart was banging, he said he knows I have white coat issue but heart rate monitor showed one episode in 2 weeks. Wonder if physiologist will be as alarmed! I hope not

Thank you


Very much doubt the GP or the lab will test the FT3 due to costs and more. It is the most important thyroid hormone - so would you consider private testing ? See below ....

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More than happy to pay but I'm due blood tests and I'll demand she adds it to the rest


Many Thanks


Looking at your post/thread of a month ago - you mentioned how easy it was for you to have tests done through Occupational Health - but it seems you still do not have the FT3 result. So wishing you better luck this time :-)


Thanks I'll post results when done😂Fingers crossed


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