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Hi, i have been told that hypothyroidism can effect the condition of hair. I have been diagnosed for about two years now and most things are fine but my hair appears to have stopped growing. I haven't needed a hair cut in almost 12 months and it is no longer. The ends are a bit dry so i use a leave in conditioner. Can any one tell me why this is? I normally need a trim every 8 weeks.

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I'll offer up my limited knowledge. I've been hypo for 30 years and always had a lot of hair loss. Even though the docs have always said my levels were 'fine'. Although mine does grow ok , needs cutting every 10 weeks or so. My eye brows are short - only the first 2 thirds and underarm hair virtually nonexistent.

But I'm afraid I've never heard of hair not growing at all ? Do you have hair loss or short eyebrows ? Classic under medicated symptoms. Have you spoken to your doctor ?

Thank you for replying. My eyebrows are a bit patchy and i do have a lot of hair fall out. Its been better since i started to use caffeine shampoo. I have spoken to my doctor and he said have another blood test in august.

Get your test results and ranges and start a new thread putting them in. It is your right under the Data Protection Act 1998 to have a copy of your results a few days after you have asked though you may have to make a more formal request from your GP to get them. So if your GP is difficult start a new thread for advice.

Hair appears like it's not growing if you are under medicated and/or have vitamin and mineral deficiencies. The hair is actually growing but shredding earlier so grows to a shorter length. The fact that it is dry indicates that you have metabolism issues and the likely cause is what is already mentioned.

As you are likely to have thyroid hormone results we can have a look at that first to check you are on enough levo then we can ask you to get your vitamin B12, folate, iron (ferritin and heamoglobin) and vitamin D plus thyroid antibodies tested. It is normally easier though more expensive to do vitamin B12, folate, ferritin, vitamin D and thyroid hormones privately. Then if your ferritin is near or under range get your NHS GP to do a full blood count which includes haemoglobin plus tests for iron deficiency anaemia markers.

While iron levels are normally the main culprit in hair problems people do see problems if their B vitamins and vitamin D aren't optimal.

Just be aware levels for iron and other vitamins optimal for hair growth coincide with those optimal for thyroid condition sufferers on this board, yet most medical doctors believe you just need to be in range to be fine. So it's a waste of time asking or listening to most doctors as they say your levels are good when they aren't. For example a few months ago I told my haemoglobin level was "very good" by a GP but it was too low for me to be a blood donor under NHS blood donation rules!

Thank you for your very detailed response. I will go to my GP for my last results. This shouldn't be a problem as i have asked for sensitive information before. I'm due a full medical so i will see what they will do.

Night be worth speaking to a good hair dresser as they have to study the physiology of hair as well as how to cut it etc.

I'm a man but never started going bald till I got put on T4. Embarrassing going bald in early 30's.

Bless you, don't worry. God only made so many perfect heads. The rest he put hair on.

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