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Am I on the right dosage?

My Doctor has just started me on 32.5mg Nature Throid a day (split into taking twice a day). I have never tried Thyroid medication before. She said to take this amount for a week then slowly increase it in very small amounts, but only up to a maximum of 65mg a day.

Does this sound like a normal good starting dose?

Also what might be the very soonest I could expect to feel any better at all? Are we talking days, weeks or months?

Many thanks for any replies. Much appreciated.

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Your thyroid results don't indicate a thyroid problem so it's surprising that your doctor is trialling you on NDT. 1/2 grain to 1 grain is a very reasonable starting dose. You may feel some improvement from the T3 in NDT within a few days but it will take 7-10 days to absorb the T4 before it starts working and up to six weeks to feel the full impact of the dose.


Thank you for your reply. I think my doctor is trying me on it as I've tried everything else and my illness is still undiagnosed nearly 2 years later. In 2013 I finished radiotherapy/chemotherapy for breast cancer (aged 34) felt well for 1.5 years afterwards - then all these symptoms happened. Now I am generally housebound with fatigue and other symptoms and haven't been able to work for over a year. I think there seems online to be a link with thyroid problems after cancer treatment, although I'm not sure why.

Sarah Myhill the very well known Chronic Fatigue Doctor says:

"There is another problem too which is that the so-called "normal range" of T4 is probably set too low. I know this because many patients with low normal T4 often improve substantially when they are started on thyroid supplements to bring levels up to the top end of the normal range.The laboratory I use has a normal range of 12-22 pmol/l and I am finding many levels coming back at 12-15. In these patients there is an indication for trying T4, especially if symptoms suggest this"

My T4 is only 13.6 so I think this has to be worth at least a try!

I will see how I go.......crossed fingers!



Radiotherapy can damage the thyroid gland. I think Dr. Myhill is right. I hope the NDT helps.


Thank you for your help.

I have now just done another post as I'm feeling really unwell. Not sure if it's the NDT or not.


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