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slimming world update (plus gross subject)

last week i stayed the sames, was happy as it wasnt a gain

this week i lost i really dont know

wednesday i got a boil at top of leg (Hidradenitis) and it was very painful, i didnt go to the drs as theres nothing they can do so i dressed it, changed dressing everyday and the pain was getting worse and worse, changed dressing on saturday and it was very red and inflamed and hot to touch so i went to urgent care as i knew there was an infection now on antibiotics

but where the pain was so bad i couldnt walk so food was literally junk food and takeaways

i walked (well limped) in SW last night and told consultant i had gained and why, he was fine but worried a gain would upset me so he said they would blind weigh me and not write it in my book, said i knew it was a gain and id be ok

i seen i lost a lb and was shocked

leg has now burst so pain is more managable but still very sore

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Gosh mandy72 your leg sounds a nightmares ! Glad your now on antibiotics as something like that can lead to blood poisoning, very dangerous. If it doesn't improve much by the time you've finished your antibiotics please get an immediate appointment at the docs for more antibiotics.

Great that you lost weight 👍 It was perhaps because your body was working so hard to fight the infection.

Keep up the good work I look forward to your posts 👍


I'm part way between "Congratulations and bleurgh" for you - I hope the abx kick in soon and relieve the infection and pain.


Mandy, you could try a hot flannel on it, or a bread poultice . It will draw out the fluid and relieve the pain.

J 🍀

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