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Newbie after advice


I am looking for some guidance. I need to go to the drs and get sorted. I want to be knowledgeable so they don't fob me off but not sure where to start.

I was diagnosed with an overactive thyroid at about 16/17 when a bulging eye and goitre was noticed (later found out it was Graves but don't remember being told that at the time).

I had my thyroid removed at 20 and started on levothyroxine (it was either that or radioactive treatment and I was due to start teacher training).

Currently aged 38 and on 200 of levothyroxine which is the same dose I was on when pregnant. It was dropped to 175 when baby was young but put back up last year (I think). That was the last time I was at the drs asking for help and was fobbed off.

Due a blood test so going to arrange that for school holidays so I can do the early morning blood test (as advised on here).

I have stomach issues (IBS?) which prompted me to take a food intolerance test. I avoid things listed but can still have flare ups regularly.

No libido - don't think it would bother me to not have sex again.

Feel angry and irritated a lot but also depressed/couldn't care less.

Full time teacher and mum to 2 year old so life is stressful.

I'm always cold and lethargic, constantly snacking to keep myself going and anything too physical wipes me out! I can do swimming but long walks make me very weary!

I usually fall asleep easily (if I've been at work/busy) but always wake up at 4/5am and never feel rested enough.

Surely life is not supposed to be this rubbish??

Thanks for listening x

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Welcome to the forum, StormIstalri.

It sounds as though you may be under medicated. Arrange an early morning and fasting (water only) blood draw when TSH is highest, and take Levothyroxine after your blood draw. Ask your GP to check ferritin, vitamin D, B12 and folate too as they are often low/deficient in thyroid patients and symptoms are not disimilar to hypothyroid symptoms. Post your results and ranges in a new question for advice and comment.


Hello StormIstalri

I used to feel like you for donkeys years up until recently and it's really hard to keep the will up to keep bothering to get out of bed after so long - but don't give up. All you can do is try everything one by one and see if makes a difference. I can give you some ideas of the things I looked at in case it helps

If you have a copy of your latest blood tests, you can post them on here for advice as to whether they are optimal or not. What most GPs say is optimal, is generally not. If you haven't had your T3 tested, you can see whether you are converting the T4 into T3 at a level good enough. I don't convert at all so take T3 only instead of T4 and this made quite a bit of difference. It is unlikely that your GP will test this though so you may have to pay to get this tested yourself as many on here do.

Get your nutritional levels tested especially Ferritin, B12, Folate and Vit D if you haven't already as hypos are often deficient in these. If you have had them tested, post them on here as what is classed as okay by GPs is often far from optimal also.

Other things to think about checking out is your adrenal function, sugar levels, diet, etc. You can check your own sugar levels with a cheap test pack from the pharmacy- mine turned out to be all over the placeand there's things you can adjust to help this.

I used a website called cron-o-meter which tracks all vitamins and minerals even minor ones to see if I was eating adequately enough and where I might be missing things. Only did this for a few weeks to check for anything obvious.

When you mention food intolerance test - do you mean the skin prick type allergy testing? If so, this might only show up if you have an allergy to the food? I never looked much into these things so admit I don't know much about them as always felt it's easier to remove and see. Many autoimmune people find going gluten free really improves their health. I've now been diagnosed with NCGS as test negative for coeliac and has been proved that gluten triggers my immune system and causes systemic inflammation in me and this and other things like coeliac do not show up as an allergy as it is a little different. This actually removed nearly all my problems including IBS, a sleep disorder, brain fog, pompholyx, plus a load of other things and my sugar levels stabilised. Worth ruling out anyway although it has to be 100% gluten - not even a crumb and done for long enough - I would say three months minimum? Many people have an issue with dairy also.

If not, You could maybe try an elimination diet to see if anything in particular sets off your IBS.

It's worth trying everything when you feel bad one by one even if just to rule them out and see what you can try next - These were just the things I did but I hope you start feeling better soon :-)


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