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Advice please!!


6 months ago I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism, having regular blood tests and on medication but my last blood test came back that the dosage i have been taking are the right amount (for now) but I'm still sleeping all the time? I'm waking up forcing myself to go to work only working for about 5 hours coming home then sleeping again, is this normal for a sufferer? Is there anything that can keep me awake and more energy? I'm 22 and at my wits end feeling like I have no hope..

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Hi it's not normal to feel that fatigued if your on right amount of medication, strongly suspect that the gp has looked at tsh and it's in range so assumes you are optimally medicated. Have you got bloodtest results to post with ranges (that figures in brackets after number) and we will be able to advise you . Also it's important to get vitamin levels checked as hypos are very often low in these and this can also make you feel tired.

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I haven't actually seen my results I just trust what my GP tells me can I request to see my figures?

To have a vitamin test do I need another blood test as my next one is in may I don't think I can cope feeling like this till then. Thank you for replying 😊


You can ask at surgery for copy of results, if they are a bit funny about giving them to you then tell them 1998 freedom of information act says it's your right to have a copy of any tests you have had done, you might have to ask in writing. At my GPS I just had to quote law and they gave me them.i always trusted gp to know what's best until they made me very ill by cutting my dose now do my own research. You could ask gp for bloodtest of vitamins but they won't always do all of them, had mine done privately with blue horizon.there are a few different companies you can use, medichecks is also a good one. You order kit they send it you do finger prick test then send back get results in about 48 hrs. Once you get results post on here and members will advise.


The 1998 Data Protection Act. :)


Hi grey goose thanks for correction I'm always getting that muddled up, lol


Yes, I did, too, at first. :)


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