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Absolute finger-prick fail - help!

Hi All,

Tried to do a finger-prick test for medi-checks this morning and failed spectacularly. I got about 3 drops of blood into the tube! My blood does not seem to flow freely it seems.

I called them up and they were lovely and have sent another set out. Have people who didn't manage the first time managed the second? What were your tricks?

I tried running my hands under water until they were warm, star jumps/going up and down the stairs to get the circulation going, and four different fingers in four different places... Not sure what else to try...

If this doesn't work i'll just need to go and get blood drawn but i'm worried it may take a long time to get an appointment.

Thanks for any advice.

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If you are taking vitamin K2 leave it out a couple of days first. My blood is goopy if I try pin prick when taking K2!


Have a look at this reply byRaventhorpe step by step tips.

Good luck with the next one, hopefully it'll be better 😊

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Ah amazing! I seem to be useless with the 'search' function on this site for some reason - thanks so much for directing me to this. Fingers crossed the next one is easier! :)


Haha! I'm amazed that I managed to paste it using my phone (in shock) 😀

No worries, I remembered it as I thought the tips were really good, and hubby had had a bit of time a week earlier.


Did you drink plenty of water in the two days before, as being hydrated does help the blood flow.



Instead of running your hands under water until they are warm, have a bowl of hot water ready (warm isn't enough), keep your hand in until it does red, swish it about. The rubber band may help too, did you use that? If blood flow stops, pop hand back in hot water again.

Make sure you drink plenty of water the day before the test and before you do the fingerprick, so that you are well hydrated.

Stand on a small stool/toddler step so that when you are collecting the blood your arm is straight down.

If you fail to get enough from one finger, use another as well. My blood flows best from my middle finger, pricked on the side nearer the nail bed. It flowed really, really well (think blood bath) when I accidentally sliced the fleshy pad with some broken china last week, but that's a bit drastic 😂 .


I agree with the standing up bit so it drains down. Did mine this morning and standing helps

Once I got it going and filled the pot I couldn't stop it!!! 😂


Thank you! Next time i'll get it hopefully!


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