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What treatment plans best to relieve hypothyroidism symptoms ; John lowe,Paul Robinson,stop thyroid madness,leaky gut treatment,swap to ndt

Hi I am on t3 only. Liothyronine. And I have Come to end of road I feel in swapping doses etc. Want to try following a holistic treatmemt plan incorporating say diet regime, exercise plan etc or and change of medication to pig thyroid ( if that's armour thyroid or ndt? ) .

Basically just wanted advice,opinions from those that one path or another has worked for. And a little summary if possible of what that journey would entail for me. To see if I could hack it.

I know that sounds bad coz when u feel absolutely awful it's worth the price u pay in giving up all dairy, gluten,sugar etc, nightshades, most fruit etc to get better. Bit I am worried how down it could make you on the way there. And to hear others found it worthwhile in the end is an incentive.

Thankyou in advance for sharing and your time

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maybe you'd like to Google Anthony William the medical medium on Thyroid problems ..... Very interesting .

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Thankyou for reply Helen and I will do. And let u know


NDT (thyroid S) has worked for me re medication.

Vitamin D & B12 with b complex, vitamin c

I have a daily smoothie of banana, blueberries, b12. Rhodiola, Siberian ginseng, turmeric, black pepper,cinnamon, and collagen powder. Helps with leaky gut and inflammation.

Probiotic. Phi naturals 10/30

I have cut out gluten, grains, casein(in milk) soy and nightshades, caffeine, sugar.

I'm ok with sheeps cheese and goats, think it's the casein in cows milk that's the problem as it's different to sheep and goats milk. I have goat butter too so still feel I have dairy.

Very limited alcohol

If I stick to all this I'm sooo much better. No hairloss, bloating, fatigue and I've lost the excess weight pretty much.

As soon as a waver though if I'm bad with food or have a boo you weekend I instantly get reciting symptons. So if life is boring I am well 😂

Occasionally have a blast as sometimes you just need to feel normal!


Kate See my post So Far so good. I have gone on the ketogenic probiotic route. The chap I saw has posted a paper on Thyroid Care Group Facebook on a 'Hashimoto's a Layered Approach'. I do not have hashi but its improving my lot.



Downloaded the paper thanks, will have a read. 😀


Hi thank you for this. Am going to look at this as well. Thankyou


Thank you old c. Found izabella wentz hashimotos protocol book through your post. Started protocol yesterday the 4 th that is


Thank you so much for reply Kate. Lots to think over. Have bought a book. Your thyroid and how to be healthy. And will work through that on advice from here.

And well done you for all u have achieved in knowledge and determination and discipline. So pleased for u that it works for u.

So sorry u have to do all that to stay healthy

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Hi Kate, just wanted to let u know. Thanx to your inspiration. In that u r so dedicated to helping yourself.

I have bought hashimotos protocol book by izabella wentz. And I have just seen u mentioned her in other posts so even better. Anyway I have started today with the liver protocol bit. So no sugar today or dairy. Or aspartame and sucralose. No caffeine,soy, alcohol. DAY 1. I am pleased coz I have hope.

Thank you again and wish u the very best. Take care Poppy


Aww thank you.

Sure you will start to feel much better soon.

Find what works for you. Diet and vitamins are a great start. Has taken me a couple of years and other than the odd blip when I have a binge and a few good nights out I'm much much better.

This website really helped me too. Invaluable that we are all here to help each other seeing as the medical profession have abandoned us!

Good luck. X

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I've felt better on NDT &/or T3. I follow a vegetarian clean food diet, & consume quite a lot of organic dairy in the form of kefir. It's high in B12 & K2. I also eat a lot of fruit, nuts & seeds.

You'd have to try different approaches to see what's best for you.


I felt very different on NDT than any combination of synthetic hormones.

With other things that might help, it depends where you are. How ill are you? Do you have Hashimotos or something else? Have you got all your vitamins optimized, vit D, B12, ferritin, folate? Have you looked into Adrenals? Have you given up gluten - that's the most essential on if you have Hashi's. If you don't general health is probs more important.


Thank you Silver. I thought I was hashimotos. As I have raised antibodies and ultrasound shows shrunken thyroid typical of hashimotos and giraffe like pattern of hashimotos type. That's what report says.

Then my consultant just said to me Hashimotos is not same as auto immune thyroiditis. They are not interchangeable terms.

So now confused. But what's in a name.

Anyway am gluten free except for odd gravy or an ingredient way down in a sauce list of ingredients.

And that's say once every two weeks to a month.

But can't say I felt any better

But get very bad stomach pains now if have large portion wheat. As I have had literally three times in four years.

I take selenium and a multivitamin and hardly ever have sugar. Have 2 to 3 litre fluids daily. No caffeine.

Going to do up my game. You all put me to shame.

Thank you for your inspiration

Want to try ndt but scared of what will feel like getting there to optimisation. As need to not be off sick

Thanx so much


I think having the vitamins tested is the first and obvious thing to do. If you have deficiencies a multi vitamin won't touch it.

Also treating your adrenals is something to try. Too much to it to mention here, but you can find a lot in the forums about adrenals.

Oop, I nearly forgot the most basic thing - post your results here and members can confirm its an optimal dose.


Thankyou again silver. I have just bought hashimotos protocol book by izabella wentz.

So started liver protocol today.

Will see about vitamin deficiency testing. Finances bad at mo. Consultant did me Magnesium and it was OK. Don't know actual result.

Thankyou for advice and am gonna go through all avenues suggested

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Good luck with the Protocol. I am nearly 5 weeks in and the difference correct supplementation and a dietary reset has had on my health has been dramatic. I was falling asleep uncontrollably, brain fog just general all round feeling cr*ppy and struggling to make it through the day. Hardest part was getting the family along for the ride with meals etc but they have seen the improvement so are on board now. I'm still on a journey but feel in more control of my health than with the 6 weekly tsh levo increase / decrease cycle alone.


Thankyou pandv, that inspires me to keep going. I am keeping a diary so can see what symptoms improve.

Thankyou for support

I am only doing, no dairy, soy,sugar, aspartame,alcohol,gluten etc at moment. Not really added anything particularly.

Diet was healthy ish before . But some sugar in savoury things mostly, no alcoho or gluten. but I had loads of dairy and aspartame sucralose daily in low calorie ribena and chewies.

So I am hoping for change.

By the way. What are you eating for breakfast. The thought of chicken or meat suggestions in book appalls me. But maybe u can convince me.

I have just had gluten free pure cornflakes with coconut milk so far but would like to branch out.

The cost of substitutes as well is a problem. So advice there would help please



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