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T3 and timing

I know this has been covered before, I have read through the forum and googled as much as I could but I still feel the need to start a post.

So I've split my dose in halves, I take one in the morning and another one in the afternoon. I take a combined pill which has both levo and T3. I've noticed lately I sometimes (not always) get a little wiped out during the day or I might get cold hands and feet for an hour before my second dose and then again in the evening. (My FT3 was at the top of the range last test about 2 months ago)

I've also read that people report that taking all their T3 in one dose gets rid of these swings. Other people split their doses 3-4 times a day due to various reasons. I'm confused, I would like to try dosing all at once, either in the morning or night.

If you have experience or knowledge with this where do you sit? Do you dose all at once or throughout the day? And why?

If someone has articles or some logical reason for why one is better than the other I'd really appreciate that info.

Thanks a lot! :)

(Ps: when I googled T3 dosing and timing 99% of the sites were cycling sites where apparently cyclers are dosing themselves with HUGE doses of T3 for several months before competitions? Wtf?!!)

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dang I don't think there is a general rule that applies to everyone. Like everything, we're all different and we have to find what suits us best as an individual.

I add T3 to my Levo. I started off splitting my T3 into 2 doses, one early morning, the second late afternoon. I found it a pain to fit food, cup of coffee, etc around the second dose. So I started taking it all at once in the morning. I have found it makes no difference to me.

One member​ who takes T3 (one of the Admins, maybe Shaws or Clutter, can't remember at the moment) says she takes hers in one dose as it floods the cells and once it's in the cells it stays there for 2 or 3 days (I hope I've remembered that correctly, very woolly headed at the moment).

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Thank you SeasideSusie :)


Hi - when I started adding t3 to levo I took it in the morning, but when I added another 1/4 tab I added it in an evening dose. The problem that I then had was pulsatile tinnitus (pulse whooshing in head) after the morning one and I couldn't sleep at night. Plus I was still running out of energy before evening dose. So I changed to taking in one go with levo as I settled down to sleep and that really works for me. It keeps me going through the next day with no peaks and troughs. But as Susie says, everyone is different, you really need to experiment to see what suits you - there is no wrong answer provided you observe the rules about timing to food and supplements.

Good luck



Interesting. I also have tinnitus, but I've had it all my life, sometimes it's worse than other times.

So you find that taking it all at night gives you enough energy for the next day and doesn't impact your sleep?

Did you try taking it all in the morning and have bad results?

One more question, when you have a blood test the next day do you still take it at the same time at night and have bloods early in the morning? (I always heard to leave 12 hours from T3).



I used to dose 3 x daily on T3 only, twice daily on Levothyroxine + T3 am and bedtime. I have also taken once daily in the morning and once daily at bedtime. It makes absolutely no difference to me whether I split dose or not or at what time I take it.

As long as you leave 8 hours between last T3 dose and blood draw the T3 dose won't be peaking in the bloodstream.


Thanks for the info Clutter! I think I'll try taking it all in the morning then. If I have bloods the next day is it ok to leave 24 hours from last T3 dose? Or will I show up too "low" on FT3 results?



If you leave 24 hours add 20% to your FT3 result which should give you a fairly good estimate of your normal circulation FT3.

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