Feeling exhausted

Feeling exhausted

Hi I have been having lots of problems all to do with malabsorption problems so a lot of deficiency problems now and to make matters worse I was hospitalised with food poisoning back in September 2016 but just feel I've not come back from that my nails are all pitted and a mess constantly getting dry hacking skin around my fingernails which. An be very sore and painful my whole body aches with constant joint pains constantly tired. I'm 62 I know my body should be starting to faulter a little but not at this rate just want to feel normal again, I'm on forcival capsules fultiun D3 and not long finished taking iron supliments as well was starting to feel a little better but now feel my iron has gone down again but was also wondering if it's worth forcing the issue of getting my thyroid bloods done my GP did mention referral to an endocrinologist.im a full time carer and find it hard to find time to take care of my own health issues . This is the mess my nails are in now .

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  • Are you on thyroxine? Been diagnosed as hypo?

    Do you have recent thyroid blood test results. Also B12 & folate as well as Vitamin D & ferritin would be useful

  • Not been tested for thyroid as yet but it's the only thing they haven't checked my bloods for ,so not on thyroxine , but have been on B12 injections for well over a year now Fultinm D3 for about 6 months and forcival for about 4 years and just finished a iron course.

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