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level result information please

I have never worried about my results as I have always taken it as facts the info from my gp until he started saying my results were borderline all the time with no explanations so here are my results for my thyroid test

Serum TSH level Below range 0.12 mlU/L(0.3-3.94)

Serum free T4 Above 21.8 (12.3-20.2)

Serum free triiodothyrinine Below 3.5 (3.7-6.7)

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thewebwitch1 In your other thread here healthunlocked.com/thyroidu... you posted these results and Greygoose explained that you needed some T3 added to your Levo. She also explained the best way to prepare for a thyroid blood test. I'm not sure what else can be said.

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thanks for heads up


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