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Hypo help please

I am hypo but recently have started being really intolerant to heat. My temp is always around 38 and have bad night sweats. Had results back from bloods today

Serum Free 18.5 (range 11.0 - 23)

Serum Tsh 0.04 (range 0.3 - 5.5) below range

Serum free triiodothyronine 5.1 (4.1 -7.9)

Any thoughts guys? Drs said no action but my serum tsh is way below. Help!

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Thyroidseb, TSH is low but not suppressed. FT4 looks good but FT3 is a bit low. Nothing to suggest that you are overmedicated. What medication and dose are you taking?


I take 250 levothyroxine


Thyroidseb, nightsweats do seem to be common in hypothyroidism but it's usually blamed on the menopause, obviously not in your case.

You don't appear to be overmedicated but you could try cutting your dose by 25mcg to see if the nightsweats improve. It will take two/three weeks on the decreased dose to notice any improvement.

Alternatively, discuss the sweats with your GP in case there are other reasons causing them.


Thank you


You don't appear to be converting your t4 to t3 very well..your ft3 is low. You are not even mid range. Adding some t3 may work well. You are still very hypo. Hypo can cause hot flashes, sweating and heat intolerence too. Excess Adrenaline and Cortisol, from being hypo can cause issues too. If you have Hashi's you can get odd fluctuations in temps.


I guess you will be getting different opinions. Too bad it's all not easier!


Despite being hypothyroid myself (Hashimoto's), I have always been permanently hot. I get horrible night sweats, day sweats, and never wear long sleeves during the day - and get some very funny looks if I'm in public in a vest top when other people are wearing coats!

My endo says that is must be "one of those things", but I have little faith in anything she says really. On my long list of symptoms, this is one I guess I have learned to live with as it isn't the worst one I have to contend with.


Thank you all. I will take a cost back and have a chat with my doc ,


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