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Having a bit of a wobble

Morning all,

Is it ok to just vent? Feeling totally wiped out - had ten minutes of relative clarity this morning during which time i wondered if i was malingering and pethaps there's nothing wrong with me. Now i'm exhausted, can't think straight and am slumped on the sofa. I know this can't be normal - but maybe it is normal for me.

Keep thinking about whether blood tests will come back in range, and whether i just have to accept existing rather than living.

Am a glum girl today.

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i go through this in cycles, i had stressful day yesterday so i am joining you feeling bit glum on the sofa. I have been on treatment for nearly 2 years and i have great days and rubbish days, i am finally accepting that i will prob never be the dynamic woman i was before. I am better than i was but i am learning to lower my expectations or spend rest of my life unhappy. Rest up today and hope tomoro is better x


Hi HDub & endomad We shouldn't have to settle for not being the people we were before. I know the route of optimal t3 t4 and nutrients doesn't solve it for everyone. But I'm going to do anything and everything I can to improve the way I feel after years of feeling crap and no doc's giving a stuff.

We've got to do everything we can to be our own doctors and get our lives back full time not just part time πŸ‘


the worst of it for me was i was sports woman and very active social life. I have tried exercise starting gently but it wipes me out, i have about 2 hours of energy a day and i have to decide how i use it, getting up, work, walk the doggy etc doesnt leave much for social.

Exercise leaves me breathless, in pain and in bed for days after. For an ex runner, horse rider, judo, swimmer an surfer this is cruel x

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Vent away! Sorry to hear about your rough time today πŸ˜“

When do you receive your results? What medication are you taking? Do you supplement any vitamins and minerals? (Sorry for all the questions)

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Hoping the results will be back at the surgery for Wednesday (i'm going to ask for a copy of them before i book appt to see GP).

I take 250 mcg levothyroxine and a b12 supplement...that's it.

Still exhausted despite having slept most of day!


Post your results here if you want so that members might be able to help. It sounds like something is off with your medication or ability to absorb the medication (could be due to vitamin deficiencies or something else).

You shouldn't be sleeping all day and yet exhausted πŸ˜“


Sorry to hear that, and sorry that I can relate so well. Just wanted to send a hug.


Have opted for the list approach to try and do a few *little* things today...

Sending off my free t3 blood check is top of my list...but my finger REALLY didn't want to part with much blood! πŸ˜‚


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