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New blood results

Hi all

Hoping for some help again

Bloods from 3 months ago

TSH 1.77 (0.5 4.4)

FT4 8.4 (10 20)

Had to take Eltroxin 25 and Thybon 20 for 3 months

New bloods

TSH 3.9

FT4 11

I'm not very good at figuring out what blood results mean... I've to go back to endo what should I be looking for to feel better it's just such a struggle every day...

Any help would be greatly appreciated.... Sharon

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TiTre As you are taking T3 then you really need FT3 testing. Your TSH is far too high, it would be better around 1 or below.


Hi Susie

They were doing thyroid bloods I presumed the FT3 would b in it but it wasn't...

To reduce TSH would I require a higher dose of eltroxin...



Yes, I know increasing Levo would reduce TSH, but as you are taking both Levo and T3 then whoever is prescribing should know that FT3 testing is necessary.


Thanks Susie have app with end next week...


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