New blood results

Hi all

Hoping for some help again

Bloods from 3 months ago

TSH 1.77 (0.5 4.4)

FT4 8.4 (10 20)

Had to take Eltroxin 25 and Thybon 20 for 3 months

New bloods

TSH 3.9

FT4 11

I'm not very good at figuring out what blood results mean... I've to go back to endo what should I be looking for to feel better it's just such a struggle every day...

Any help would be greatly appreciated.... Sharon

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  • TiTre As you are taking T3 then you really need FT3 testing. Your TSH is far too high, it would be better around 1 or below.

  • Hi Susie

    They were doing thyroid bloods I presumed the FT3 would b in it but it wasn't...

    To reduce TSH would I require a higher dose of eltroxin...


  • Yes, I know increasing Levo would reduce TSH, but as you are taking both Levo and T3 then whoever is prescribing should know that FT3 testing is necessary.

  • Thanks Susie have app with end next week...

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