Further to my other posts, and with me going to see Doc on 26th, can some of the many geniuses on this forum give me some indication as to what the blood tests I've already had are saying, please? Anything I could.should bring up with Doc (apart from no contact re the "high" notations? :D

As ever, all help much appreciated! B x

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  • My non-genius comments. :)

    The CRP (a marker of inflammation) is high at 44 (could be for a variety of reasons such as a recent virus, injury etc.).

    The out of range triglycerides are part of the overall cholesterol calculations - and despite them your Cholesterol/HDL ratio is only a little beyond the recommended one (4 or less).


  • Very much on point, thanks ! :)

    The Thyroid result was the stunner of them all..! I put on all this weight, I know it's not from over-eating/bad eating (will I ever get over eating that flaming doughnut? LOL) ~ and my Cholesterol which has been in the high 8's for at least the last 17 years, is down???

    And yes, with the M.E./Fibro my system is always fighting "something" and/or looking for something to 'fight'/heal. (Why doesn't it just 'heal' itself and leave me in peace? ;) )

  • I can't see the thyroid results - possibly because I can't see the top third of the photograph?

  • I knew it was a bad pic ~ one of several ~ I just didn't realise I'd put up the worst one where these weren't showing! Sorry ~ chronic insomnia and posting things isn't a good mix.

    FT4 12.6 (Range 9.0 to 24)

    FT3 4.1 (Range 3.5 to 6.5)

    TSH 2.15 (Range 0.3 to 6.0)

    Hope these help? :)

  • Insomnia makes everything tricky :)

    Can you edit these into the original post as well so that people can see them easily? That way you might obtain more comments than in a sub-thread?

    Plus, it would be helpful to mention any medication that you're taking or diagnosis (if you have one).

  • Not having a good day ~ brain working backwards I think.

    FYI, 29 years diagnosis of M.E./Fibro ~ constant infections ~ Painkillers, Pethidine, Co-proxamol, Nitrazepam (stops 'dancing legs' doesn't help sleep. Pregabalin (Lyrica 50mg) for trigeminal neuralgia; Zirtek for allergies; Imigran 100m for (ever increasing) Migraines; currently taking Erythromycin 250mg for what may (currently) an inflammation of my Gallbladder (long story); Buccastem M 3mg for Nausea; Stemetil 5mg (as required); have massive gut problems and 'sensitivities' to too many foods to mention, but especially anything containing grains and flours, and getting 'right' medications, even right Brand (nightmare!).

    Sudden gain of over 1 stone in short period, not possible the way I eat. Very healthy diet.

    Mother nearly died of Hypothyroidism before she was diagnosed; reason? Tests were all 'normal'.

    I'm due to go back to see Doc on Wednesday 26th.

  • Ignore the cholesterol. High cholesterol is just a symptom of low thyroid.

  • Thanks greygoose! The weird thing is, as I've just mentioned to ITYFIALMCTT, is that it's down from the high 8's..! Weird, or what?

  • LadyBarb, Cholesterol measurements can vary substantially - they can even rise in response to a dental infection in addition to their association with various conditions. They can be high in Spring because people's vitamin D levels are low (used up a lot of their stores).

  • The only thing I know about my Cholesterol, which might turn out to be accurate, is that it's been put down to being "Familial" and that it's always been above 8.5, no matter what time of the year it's been taken.

    I get an annual injection of Vitamin D ~ I'm not sure when it's due unfortunately. I'm housebound and mainly bedbound, because my bed is about the only place I get a little relief from pain.

    My neck discs have thinned very badly and some have cracked. Very painful.

    Took a bad reaction to my easter treat ~ a cream/jam doughnut (over-reaction to wheat, usually my stomach just bloats very badly) ~ that set off pain re gallbladder, which swung around my ribs and up under my right shoulder. Now have absolutely NO appetite and have to make myself eat.

    Bit more of a wreck than I usually am, which is usually more than "bad enough" ~ and now have the query of Hypothyroidism, and Hashimoto's has been mentioned, which unfortunately seems to tie in ~ but, so many similarities between Hypo and M.E./Fibro, I don't know, apart from I've never gained weight with M.E. nor lost my hair, until now.

    Will ask Doc for further blood tests on Wednesday: Vit D, B12, Folate, Ferritin, Reverse T3, TPO ~ whatever the Surgery won't pay for I'll have to pay for myself.

  • IMHO you could do with more Thyroid replacement. Your T4 is at the low end and it'd be better if your TSH was lower.... keep looking after yourself xx

  • Sorry Lady Barb,

    Just seen your post.

    Hmmm there's nothing that really jumps out is there?

    Definitely some infection/inflammation as we discussed before.

    T4 and T3 both on low side of 'normal' most of us function better towards the higher end.

    Will definitely be interesting to see your thyroid antibody results, I reckon they will show if you have any thyroid issues being masked.

    Cholesterol great, must be your very good diet now that's brought it down as you don't eat too much bad fat now. Good fats very important though as I'm sure you know.

    The monocytes again show inflammation idguess usually from Virus or parasite.

    Epstein bar, H pylori, cibo, Lyme etc all have links with Hashimotos

    Might be worth investigating further for parasites.

    Really sorry you're so unwell. Good luck on the 26th. X

  • Hi, thanks for the further input. Can you tell me a bit more about "parasites"? What sort of parasites?

    BTW, I was tested for Lyme (which my Doc and I both know is very difficult to get a positive on), even though I have had a previous Lyme test when I'd a ruddy great big 'bulls-eye' on my knee!

    However, with the test being 'negative', this time round too, I (obviously) asked for the copy of the blood tests (thanks to this forum) and there was a note that: "Serology may take 3 to 8 weeks to become positive. Please send a second sample ... if clinically indicated."

    I live surrounded by sheep and I've two cats who are 'tic collectors', even though they're regularly treated for tics/fleas (and wormed).

    I asked my Vet about the 'tic' problem, and he said that these days it seems that the 'tic' problem can return in as short a period as a fortnight. (!!!). There is apparently no 'tic' treatment that I can give the cats every fortnight. B x

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