Hi ,I suddenly got worse after 15 years of Hashimotos being treated with t4.Whole body went haywire and has not recovered since ,been 4 years now.on t3 only ,tried t3 /t4 then t3 then NDT now back on t3 only.It makes me able to cope ,but life has been a daily struggle ,cannot work now or even socialise.All my symptoms have become magnified ten fold feel like a zombie all day every day.Just checking if my symptoms are th esame as everyone elses as they seem so weird now.

extreme fatigue,heavy limbs ,blood feels like lead,weak muscles pain,climbing stairs like Everest, genral malaise feeling ucky,all day low mood at times cannot be bothered ,no stamina at all have to sit when I can,feeling hot and fuzzy inside settles when sitting(this is and odd one ),head gets foggy and hearing seems odd when talking to people,warm hands Its like and internal shutter has come down and needing to lift cannot think clearly or concentrateit.Otherwisw I am fine.Any change in doseage or type of medication however slight changes symptoms every day different,when a better dat I try to get done things I know will not get done on a bad day.My symptoms have changed and got worse.Why would this be ?every test Ihave had is ok as I have said before,and TSH t3 optimal at times and still so ill.

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  • Forgive me if you're a young'un, but are you near the menopause? Dropping hormones may be causing problems.

    If not have you had any Vit/Min tests done recently? Vit D, B12, Folate and Ferritin especially help with thyroid conditions, and if they are low you will feel unwell. Selenium and Zinc also help.

    Do you have any recent thyroid results (with ranges, as labs round the country differ) ? And what are you on medication wise at present, type and dosage?

  • Hi , Iam 56 had menapuase 9 years ago with no problems.Had all tests for vit and b12 etc and all good except for low normal vit d ,supplementing now.TSH and t3 a bit unstable at present due to changing back to t3 only from NDT.Just really wanting to know if ALL my symptoms can be related to Hashis as all other tests for thing like Addisons ,cushings ,hypoparathyoid all scared it is something else which medics are missing.

  • I had an early menopause but thought nothing of it but my gran brought me up as was even younger. I was out of HRT for 10 years and then after a while my doctor got me doing my basal temperatures again and I was still ovulating!!!!

  • Oh dear ,Ihave had sex hormones done recently my progesterone was .9 and other bloods show post menopausal too.

  • Looks like it's ok but just wanted to say it isn't always the case!

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