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Thyroid checks

I have just had my annual Thyroid blood test, saw the doctor for another reason so took the opportunity to ask for the results which he had on his screen, he told me they were good.

As I have no symptoms of my Thyroid being out of sync I carried on with the issue in hand.

When I went out to reception I decided to ask for a copy of my results which was no problem, she got me the copy, then added, has the Doctor not showed you how to check your Thyroid function without having to have a blood test. She could see from my reaction that this was new to me and as I continued to question her, she just said she had to go and answer a call so I got no further information.

Has anyone ever heard of this ?

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I would think that would mean the patient felt well with no clinical symptoms, so wouldn't need a blood test.

I saw a new doctor (not connected to thyroid) in the surgery and when she looked at the screen she was amazed and said 'youve not had a blood test for ages'. I said I know I don't need one as I feel fine with no symptoms.

I do get an annual one to check them and vitamins/minerals.

You have to find out what your doctor does, I am curious and I suppose other members will be too. As well as saving money on blood tests, the patient is well too?


I am wondering what the receptionist meant by that remark. When you find out could you post and share this on here please. This is new to me and probably to many others too.


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