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Success stories p!ease

I'm just hoping there's people out there that can perhaps cheer me up a bit. I am at the beginning of my journey. I'm getting my private bloods done this weekend ( NHS done a couple of weeks ago and not great. ) My t3 arrived this morning, a little premature I know ( waiting till after test results to start on them ) but its taken quite a bit of saving to afford the private tests.

I keep looking at the tablets hoping they are going to be a life changer. Feel happy not depressed, have energy not tiredness, loose weight on a sensible diet and start to feel good about myself and possibly even sleep well.

I often read of people struggling with them or not feeling any better. But would love to hear from people it really worked for. Or at least made a good difference to their life


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You received good advice from Clutter re dosing when you started T3 in your previous post.

It is imperative to introduce T3 slowly and especially when we have been struggling on Levo for many years as our poor bodies need to acclimatise in order to tolerate the T3. If the adrenal glands have been compromised whilst trying to support the thyroid hormone deficiency and you rev up your metabolism too quickly, the bridge will widen between this and your struggling adrenal glands, leading to further problems.

Adding T3 to my Levo made a huge difference almost instantly and I have since progressed on to NDT with success. I still support my adrenals with a healthy life style, optimal nutrients and a large amount of Vitamin C.


Thank you so much for your response. Especially as you have obviously taken the time to read some of my other posts. Yes definitely low and slow this time. I had read it many times but was just in too much of rush to feel better and loose weight.

Its also very useful and interesting to know more about the relationship between the thyroid and the adrenals. Something I have read bits on but am struggling to grasp.

But best of all that's great that its made such a positive difference to you life 👍

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Everyone is different and sometimes we have to switch/change to find a 'perfect' dose/combination.

Are you going to add T3 to your levothyroxine? Many times that works and means it's less expensive as well, as GP can prescribe levo and you add T3.


Thank you for your response Shaws. I'm going to see what my bloods say after testing next week. And already know I'm under medicated with t4 ( but try telling my doctor that ) and suspect I don't convert well either.

I realise I've also got to make sure my nutrients are as optimal as possible. So the start of a journey to hopefully a better place ☺


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