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Thyroidectomy success stories

Hi all,

Op to remove all of my thyroid gland scheduled for early September. I'm a little nervous about surgery and how I will feel after.

I'm not on Levo at the moment as my blood results are good. However, the large nodule which is continuing to grow has to come out. Unfortunately they cannot save any of my thyroid :(

Trying to stay positive and would love to hear any success stories / advice x

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I have a close friend named Rob whose mum had thyroid cancer and genetic testing said he was sure to get it as well. A few months ago he had a tt and I was invited to visit, I believe it was not the day after surgery but the day after that. I expected him to be tucked up on the sofa in his jimjams, but he was fully dressed, making lunch and walking around as though nothing had happened. His incision was uncovered and barely noticeable even then, and in the intervening months it has faded to nothing. You wouldn't know it was there if you weren't looking for it.

I asked him how he feels now and he said immediately after the surgery he had some sluggish-gut issues (just getting accustomed to the levo I think, and a reaction to the anaesthesia) but that has sorted itself out.

He has always been a very high-energy person, so I was concerned that he might have to make adjustments after surgery, but he seems as full of energy as ever. He recently sold his house and the last stages of the process went faster than expected; one day I got a text out of the blue saying he had already moved, which can only have taken a few days with little preparation. I can't think how he managed that.

His mum is also doing well, though she did have to have chemo. Although Rob's surgery was meant to be preventative, they did find some cancer cells in the lab, and it was early enough that he needs no further treatment.

I hope that helps. Good luck with your surgery!

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I had a Thyroidectomy 4 days ago and I promise you it really wasn't too bad at all. Discomfort, not pain, for a few days and I am feeling fine already. I only stayed in hospital overnight and ,ok ,was a bit tired for a few days after anaesthetic but am amazed how well I feel. Please try not to worry xxx

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Hi Betty41

I had a similar thing to you. I had my TT in October 2015. I was not on any medication prior like you. The op went well with a very experienced surgeon here in France. Up until June this year I was on Levo but became very unwell and experienced pain everywhere, brain fog and extreme fatigue. I have seen two endos so far and both have been hopeless. I am now self medicating with natural thyroid S which I have been on for since June this year. I am so much better, no pain at all. I have yet to tweek my dosage but at present I am on 2.5 grains per day.

I hope that your op is successful and you soon recover.


I had mine surgery done in September 2014 .


My surgery went very well. The actual surgery was literally easy...I quite taking pain meds within 48 hours. I was eating chips. Now I'm awaiting TT was a good experience..


The most vital thing is to get a 200% confirmation that they will give you levo and or t3 immediately after the thyroidectomy and keep your levels so that

tsh is 1.0 or beliw and free t4 and free t3 are near the top of their ranges otherwise you will rapidly fall into hypothyroid

it is well known that many patients after thyroidectomy do not get entirely well on synthetic meds like levothyroxine and are better on Natural Dessicated Thyroid but thats down the line


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