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Everything I have read is that a blood draw fasted early am.I have just booked to have one and was told by a young receptionist that she knew nothing of it and it didn't matter !!!

I have no thyroid and I don't want to be in the position of having meds lowered because of that information. Had to stand up for myself against this young receptionist, but came away fuming. What is her remit?!! Sure it's not that.

Where is the best research/info that will back me up next time please .

Thank you again for all that is done on this forum.x

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  • I wrote a reply to a post on this very subject earlier today, with a couple of links :


  • I should have mentioned that I wrote two posts on that link, and I was referring to the second one. Oops!

  • Sorry, but why were you discussing it with the receptionist, anyway? You wouldn't expect her to know, she's not medically trained - even doctors that are medically trained don't know, so I'm sure she wouldn't! Are you in the habit of taking medical advice from the receptionist? :)

    If you want an early appointment, you want an early appointment, end of. It's nothing to do with the receptionist. Be nice to them, but don't let them push you around - and certainly don't discuss medical matters with them! :)

  • I imagine the receptionists are given a list of blood tests which need to be done early (according to the doctors). I've tried getting blood tests done early at my surgery but I was totally rejected. They wouldn't book the test until they knew what it was for, and as soon as I told them, that was it - no early blood tests for thyroid and I was told there was no need for fasting, and there was no negotiation on the topic at all...

    I haven't had a blood test done at my surgery (for anything) for a couple of years now. I prefer to do my own.

  • Good heavens! What a sad state of affairs!

  • So true !

  • I always say I need an early appointment as I have to have it before work. They always question it but then book it when I mention work commitments.

  • Good plan!

  • No GG she offered one at 1.30pm so I requested an early fasting one.

    She asked what for. I did answer this time, but will talk to my doc about it and clear up the exact roll she has. ( off course of know) . I shall make my displeasure known to him.

    He has been very good and is down to earth . Calls a spade a spade but I will make it clear that this sort of interaction from them needs to be stopped.

    I'm never ready for this sort of treatment from them, but next time I will have a stock answer well practiced 👹👹👹x

  • You should have asked her where she got her medical degree! :)

  • I I'll next time LOL

  • I understand why this is annoying, I really do, but in the scheme of things they do say a lot of rubbish don't they, it would be awkward to call them on everything. I'd just put it down to a difference of opinion and carry on as required. Your doctor is unlikely to see this as something of which to take note and the receptionist, well, she isn't likely to know much about anything. It is rude of her to ask, but if you engage you're legitimising the question.

    Ask for an early appt and take the earliest. If they ask why say because that's when you're available. Why on earth do they need to know why anyone is free when they're free? What a waste of time for all concerned: 'I'd like a 10am appt please.' 'For God's sake WHY, why not 11:45 or 3??'

    I know it isn't straightforward; the phlebotomist at my surgery is only in twice a week and early appts need to be booked far in advance.

    I discuss as little as possible w my gp and even less w the receptionist, lol. One of them is so awful - rude, coarse, talks over me - if she answers I put the phone down just to save myself from feeling murderous the rest of the day.

    Give yourself a break and save yourself a battle. I feel sanity preservation is the #1 priority.

  • I would say that the TSH level changes throughout the day, which it does so it makes sense to have it at the say time each time forca true comparison as apart from work commitments later appointments can get pushed back and also as what you eat can affect the reading it makes sense to have all your blood tests done under the same criteria i.e. fasting.

  • I always ask the receptionist for a form that I can take to the hospital to have my blood draw there. Then I can choose the time I go with no problems. They just print it off for me.

  • This is how it works in my area, and all the phlebotomists are drop in clinics where you take a ticket and wait your turn. Might be worth checking if such a thing exists where you are.

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