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Kirsty Young to take time out from Desert Island Discs

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Let us hope that Kirsty knows, or finds out, that at least some who suffer fibromyalgia appear to do so in the context of hypothyroidism.

I can't imagine for one moment that she would openly become a member. (I'd encourage her not to!) But under whatever name, she'd be most welcome.

Kirsty Young to take time out from Desert Island Discs

30 August 2018 Entertainment & Arts

Kirsty Young is to take a number of months off Desert Island Discs because she has fibromyalgia, and Lauren Laverne is to fill in for her.

Desert Island Discs returns to BBC Radio 4 on 16 September and Young will host the first two episodes with castaways opera singer Danielle de Niese and neurosurgeon Henry Marsh.

Laverne will host the third episode onwards.

Four presenters have hosted the show since it started in 1942.

Fibromyalgia is a long-term condition that causes pain all over the body and can bring on severe fatigue. Lady Gaga also has the condition.

Please be considerate in any responses.

Rest of story here:

[ Added 18:53 01/09/2018 ]

Follow-up article by a fibromyalgia sufferer, Hazel Borland:

5 Replies
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You tend to expect that people with their resources will get the proper medical attention that they need. But I would agree with you that she may benefit a lot from joining us here.

It would be quite nice to chat with Lada Gaga. LOL

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When I heard about this yesterday, my immediate thought was "I wonder if she's hypothyroid" but as hippopotamus says you would have expected someone in her position to have been able to get help if she was hypo.

I hope she starts to feel better soon as she always came across as a lovely person when interviewing people on desert Island Discs.

All the best Kirsty if you come across this site! :)

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Kirsty strikes me as a person who will be looking for answers and not take anything for granted. I really hope she succeeds in managing her fibro.

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My daughter was told she had fibromyalgia too and was give all sorts of painkillers, including massive doses of Gabapentin that then took months to wean off! Eventually she was seen by an 'older' doctor (who had obviously been trained to look and interact with the patient, instead of treating them as a bloodtest) who took one look at her and diagnosed Lupus! She is now being treated for that and all traces of pain have disappeared (unless she is having a flare-up) and she's even back walking her dog!

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My first thought....thyroid panel and nutrient blood tests.

Wishing her well

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